Supercross brings back the 26 inch BMX cruiser

When the Cruiser Class first started it was on old “Clunkers” “Paperboy Bikes” “Beach Cruisers” whatever you wanted to call them they were Big Wheels, Heavy, Maneuvered like a Battle Ship, but man were they fun. You hit a lip on a 26″ wheeled Cruiser and you fly for days! Well it wasn’t too soon after the Cruiser Class started that a few smart people, figured out that they were Heavy, and Maneuvered like a Battle Ship so they started doing 24″ wheel cruisers and the 26″ Cruisers went away,quickly.

So about a year ago it seemed that a few people were trying to get the 26″ Bikes going again, SE came back out with the OM Flyer, Volume came out with the Sledgehammer, and for good reason, as slow and as clunky as a 26″ is they are just flat out FUN!! And after all, isn’t that what is about.

Well we quickly started getting a few calls as we had built a few G6E 26″ Cruisers years ago, and people were asking if we would build a full race 26″ Frame, not a souped up beach cruiser, or a Rigid Bike with Suspension adjusted Geometry, but a true kick ass, haul ass, flat out flying, Race Machine.

So we did, we built a short run of the 26″ BLUR Race Frames. Full Seamless 6061 T-6 Heat Treated Race Machine. No Suspension corrected geometry, no 135mm rear spacing for gears, this is not a hybrid, it is a race machine. Full Geometry is as follows:

BLUR 26″ Race Frame Geometry:

  • Top Tube Length – 22.25″
  • Head Tube Angle – 73 degrees
  • Seat Mast Angle – 70 degrees
  • Chain Stay Length – 16″ At Center
  • BB Height -11.25″ with 1.75 Tires
  • Rear Stay Spacing – 110mm
  • Seatmast Diameter – 31.9 clamp, 27.2 post
  • Headset – Campy Integrated

These were designed to be raced, and we built matching 26″ SLT forks to go with them. That way you have a matched Frame and Fork set that you know is going to perform.

Well when we first built them we had a bunch of few people snatch them up right away. But now for the last year, the trend of the 26″ bikes seemed like it went away again, and now, in the last week we sold 8 of these , 1 went up to Napa Valley Crush, 2 went to Gordy’s Bikes in , etc…. and we are now down to 1.

So if you ever wanted a cool 26″ , the time is now. The lone frame is Gun Metal Grey and we have Black and White 26″ SLT Forks. Forks are running low as well. Maybe 15 pcs left.

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