“Limited Edition” Bianchi Oltre for Vacansoleil-DCM at the Giro d’Italia

On the occasion of the Giro d’Italia (May 5th-27th), Bianchi provided the whole World Tour team Vacansoleil-DCM’s with a Oltre special edition bike, featuring esthetic novelties linked with the “pink race” and Italian brand major anniversary.

The matching between Bianchi’s traditional “celeste” and Dutch team’s blue and white colors is enriched by pink touches, recalling the Giro d’Italia’s official color. The limited edition bike also displays a celebrative logo of Giro-Tour twice (scored by Fausto Coppi in 1952) 60th anniversary.

High-end model of Road range, Oltre is one of the best racing machine Bianchi has ever made. His carbon monocoque frame is a creature of Bianchi brand’s avant-garde technology, design and history. Oltre is a super high performance and extreme racing bike, feather-light in the mountains, tight on the turns and stiff in the sprints. X-Tex carbon technology and frame’s aerodynamic shape give it an incredibly efficient power transmission and stiffness to weight ratio.

Bianchi Oltre’s technologies:

– X-TEX: Bianchi’s unique process to internally mold X-weaved structural carbon layer; a carbon net is molded into the carbon structure of the head tube; exceptional torsional rigidity proven by Bianchi’s professional riders

– Carbon Nano Tech: adding Nano material into the matrix system enhances cohesion between fiber and matrix to make the carbon structure packed and tighed; increased toughness, lifetime and fatigue resistance; reduced empty spaces and micro cracks of the carbon laminate

– Carbon Nano Tube Tech: the ultimate generation of nano-technology. Carbon nano tubes with cylindrical structure are combined with epoxy resin and nano powder to increase the fracture toughness by 49% compared to standard resin, 20% higher than nano-technology; increased material resistance and lifetime of the frame; reduced empty spaces and micro cracks of the carbon laminate

– WMP (Wrinkleless Molding Process): wrinkles in the material affect the property of the whole frame and add more weight; Bianchi avoid wrinkles by pre-tuning the thickness of the laminate of each frame; increased frame and process efficiency; reduced weight

– UTSS (Ultra Thin Seat Stay): thanks to Nano Tube Technology, seat stays tube sections are reduced without weakening power transmission; improved shock absorption and impact resistance; maximum power transmission; weight reduction

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