Team Type 1-Sanofi heads to Canada and the Tour de Beauce

Team Type 1-Sanofi General Manager Vassili Davidenko said the team’s return to Canada in 2012 is a good chance to increase the season’s total number of victories.
“Last year we won a stage here with Martijn Verschoor. This year e are bringing even more race winners to the Tour de Beauce. Serebryakov won a big sprint victory in Philadelphia last week, with a great leadout by Ilesic. Add in our Italian sprinter Fortin and we will have several opportunities to get onto the podium this week,” Davidenko said.
Team Type 1-Sanofi rider Vegard Stake Laengen is tabbed for general classification leadership, with several climbs in and around the hills southeast of Quebec City and a 20km time trial on Friday playing to his strengths.
“Vegard is young but he has enormous talent and speed on the bicycle. There will be some strong Canadian and American competition at the Tour de Beauce, and Team Type 1-Sanofi is bringing a complete squad to try and win the overall,” Davidenko said.
Team Type 1-Sanofi riders Fabio Calabria and Joe Eldridge, who both have type 1 diabetes and must monitor their blood glucose continuously and periodically take insulin or eat carbohydrates to manage the disease, will be on the squad and at the front at the Tour de Beauce.
“To have two type 1 riders racing together in a squad is a great for our ability to make contact with the diabetes community in and around Quebec. There are more than half a million people in the province with diabetes, and health care expenditures in 2010 exceeded 2.2 billion Canadian dollars, according to statistics compiled by the Canadian Diabetes Association,” said Team Type 1-Sanofi CEO and Founder Phil Southerland.
“A stage race is a chance to win every day, and at Team Type 1-Sanofi we will be out in force on the roads of Quebec to show that with the right technoloy, a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and good control, diabetes is no obstacle to an extraordinary life,” Southerland said.
Team Type 1-Sanofi roster for the UCI 2.2 Tour de Beauce:
Fabio Calabria* – AUS
Daniele Callegarin – ITA
Joe Eldridge* – USA
Filippo Fortin – ITA
Aldo Ino Ilesic – SLO
Vegard Stake Laengen – NOR
Aleksandr Serebryakov – RUS
DS – Jack Seehafer – USA

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