A “tricolore” Bianchi Oltre for Italian champion Pellizotti

Road n champion Franco Pellizotti () took part at Gp Nobili in Stresa (North-West ) on a special Bianchi Oltre with customized graphics, on Saturday, July 14th.

The bike has a matte black coloration with a “tricolore” stripe featuring green, white and red colors (those of n flag and national champion’s jersey), starting from the head tube and covering the upper part of the top tube. Further inserts are set in the internal side of the chain stays.

At Gp Nobili won by , Franco Pellizotti placed ninth. His team-mate Riccardo Chiarini, on Oltre as well, was seventh.

Bianchi entered Top-10 with three different riders: Colombia Coldeportes‘ Jeffry ro on Bianchi Sempre was tenth indeed.

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