Olympic Women’s Individual Time Trial Results

The 29km women’s started at 12:30 local time with the threat of rain. Brazil’s Clemilda Fernandes Silva left the start gate first, obviously, therefore setting the first times at the two time splits (at 9kms and 20kms).  She reached the first one in 15.38.  This time was later over-come by quite a few riders, though first to do so was Olga Zabelinskaya (Russia).

Local favorites for the day were Great Britain’s and silver medalist in the road race, Lizzie Armistead.  Pooley did set a best time at the first split at 14.06, but she would later fade through the second part of the course.

First to beat Pooley’s time was Linda Villumsen (New Zealand).  Clara Hughes (Canada), the oldest competitor on the day, was also faster than Pooley at the first check.  This was later beat by defending gold-medalist (USA).

Several riders also caught those in front of them: defending (Germany) caught road gold medalist (Netherlands).  Armstrong also caught Vos…who started three minutes ahead of her!

At the final, things looked set for Arndt to take the win with a time of 37.50, until Armstrong blazed through the second split 4.8 seconds faster than any of her competitors. Ultimately, despite the course being 25% than Beijing, Armstrong still managed to take this gold medal as well, setting at time of 37.34.

Final Standings:

1 (United States of America)0:37:34.82
2 (Germany)0:00:15.47
3Olga Zabelinskaya (Russian Federation)0:00:22.53
4Linda Melanie Villumsen (New Zealand)0:00:24.36
5Clara Hughes (Canada)0:00:54.14
6 (Great Britain)0:01:02.88
7 (United States of America)0:01:10.35
8Ellen van Dijk (Netherlands)0:01:18.86
9Trixi Worrack (Germany)0:01:45.91
10Elizabeth Armitstead (Great Britain)0:01:51.42 


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