2012 Masters Road Nationals Head to Mt. Bachelor for Road Races

Competitors at the 2012 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships took to the roads surrounding the Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort on Thursday for the first day of road races. The courses – one 82 kilometers and another 110 kilometers – each began with a fast downhill that led into a rolling middle section before a long climb back to the resort for the finish.

Two competitors looking to repeat their 2011 Best All-Around Rider victories in their respective age groups aided their case with wins today: Brendan Sullivan (Atlanta, Ga./Iron Data ) and Kevin Metcalfe (Pleasant Hill, Calif./Team Masters). Sullivan, riding in the 45-49 men’s field that was the largest of the day at 110 s, won his race with more than two minutes to spare.

Among the women’s champions, Lisa Campbell (Newbury Park, Calif./ Em Coaching/Southern California Velo) won her second Stars-and-Stripes jersey in as many days, crossing the line more than a minute ahead of the rest of the women’s 45-49 field.

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“I loved the course. It’s a lot of downhill and a lot of flat, so you have to be smart and patient, which I’m not usually. But it’s a great finish. Ten miles of climbing – you can’t really go wrong,” said Campbell after the race. Visit YouTube to watch Campbell describe her championship ride.

More road races are on tap for Friday around Mt. Bachelor. Women 60+ and men 65+ will race on the point-to-point 62-kilometer course that starts near Crane Prairie Reservoir and finishes at the resort. The 84-kilometer course that begins and ends at Mt. Bachelor will test the women 50-59, men 60-64 and all tandem competitors. The day’s podium presentation will again take place at the Old Mill District at 7 p.m.

For a complete schedule, course maps, photo galleries and more, visit the 2012 USA Cycling Masters Road Nationals webpage. You can also follow the event on Twitter via the USA Cycling account or using the hashtag #RoadNats. For more information on Bend and the surrounding area, go to www.visitbend.com.

2012 Masters Road
Bend, Oregon
September 5-9, 2012

Women’s 35-39 Road Race (84k)
1. Anne Perry (Draper, Utah/Revolution Cafe Rio) 2:48:29
2. Amy Thornquist (Reno, Nev./Stevens s p/b Pactimo) 2:48:32
3. Rikke Preisler (Los Gatos, Calif./Metromint ) 2:49:31
4. Tanya Grossman (San Leandro, Calif./ Kovarus/Wells Fargo Team/Contra Costa Club) 2:49:32
5. Amy Phillips (Chattanooga, Tenn./ Mystique Team/Scenic City Velo) 2:49:32

Women’s 40-44 Road Race (84k)
1. Felicia Gomez (Fresno, Calif./Pinnacle Women’s ) 2:30:32
2. Mindy Caruso (Albuquerque, N.M./ Olev Rapido/The Kickstand) 2:31:47
3. Rebecca Rusch (Ketchum, Idaho/) 2:31:58
4. Kerry Martin (Bend, Ore.) 2:32:32
5. Ginny King (Dallas, Texas/KingGroup) 2:33:04

Women’s 45-49 Road Race (84k)
1. Lisa Campbell (Newbury Park, Calif./ Em Coaching/Southern California Velo) 2:45:59
2. Tanya Fredricks (San Anselmo, Calif./IronDataThirstyBear.com) 2:47:17
3. Jennifer Slawta (Talent, Ore./ LANDSHARK /GNAR Lube Velo Junkies) 2:47:23
4. Jodie Bolt (Lakewood, Wash./Old Town Bicycle) 2:47:25
5. Elisabeth Gegner (Laguna Beach, Calif.) 2:47:37

Men’s 35-39 Road Race (110k)
1. Rudolph Napolitano (Santa Monica, Calif./Time Factory Team) 2:47:41
2. Karl Bordine (Carlsbad, Calif./ Monster Media /Southern California Velo) 2:49:15
3. Matthew Gates (Lyons, Colo./Mix1) 2:49:15
4. Christopher Brown (Chattanooga, Tenn./Litespeed-BMW) 2:49:17
5. Benjamin Thompson (Bend, Ore./ BendBroadband/WebCyclery ) 2:49:42

Men’s 40-44 Road Race (110k)
1. Matthew Carinio (San Luis Obispo, Calif./ArtsCyclery.com/Wild Horse Wines/Rock Solid ) 2:43:33
2. Jeffrey Hartman (Boulder, Colo./Boulder Orthopedics) 2:43:34
3. Richard Feldman (Ketchum, Idaho/ Durance-) 2:43:34
4. Daniel Bryant (Carmichael, Calif./Folsom /Mercedes Benz) 2:43:34
5. Christopher Phipps (San Francisco, Calif./IronDataThirstyBear.com) 2:43:35

Men’s 45-49 Road Race (84k)
1. Brendan Sullivan (Atlanta, Ga./Iron Data ) 2:08:47
2. Jeffrey Konsmo (Manhattan Beach, Calif./ Cynergy Cycles/Big Orange ) 2:10:54
3. James Parker (Saint Paul, Minn./St Paul Bicycle Club) 2:10:55
4. Michael Tobin (Boise, Idaho/Boise Club) 2:10:57
5. Eric Martin (Bend, Ore./BendBroadband/WebCyclery ) 2:11:36

Men’s 50-54 Road Race (84k)
1. Kevin Metcalfe (Pleasant Hill, Calif./Team Masters) 2:12:05
2. Richard Meeker (Corona Del Mar, Calif./Breakaway from Cancer Masters) 2:12:32
3. Roger Worthington (Capistrano Beach, Calif./Breakaway from Cancer Masters) 2:12:33
4. Craig Hofer (Kittredge, Colo./Boulder Orthopedics) 2:12:33
5. David Gordon (Olympia, Wash./Olympia Orthopaedic Associates T/CBC ) 2:12:33

Men’s 55-59 Road Race (84k)
1. Charles Holbrook (Oconomowoc, Wis./Lakes Area Physical Therapy) 2:20:23
2. Zan Treasure (Ogden, Utah/Bountiful Mazda Team) 2:20:23
3. Kevin Susco (Palo Alto, Calif./ Webcor/Alto Velo Club) 2:20:24
4. David Zimbelman (The Dalles, Ore.) 2:20:24
5. Steven Archer (Danville, Calif./ /Morgan Stanley Team) 2:20:28

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