EpicRides releases first video of their EpicRaceDay series – Pensacola

EpicRides is excited to announce the first in their epicRaceDay™ series, Pensacola Stage Race, an indoor bicycle training video based on the Pensacola Cycling Classic, a two day, three event Stage Race attracting competitors from around the South East, U.S.A.

They’ve boiled down the best of a Road Race, Time Trial and Criterium into a 60 minute supercharged video that should leave you with a pool of sweat under your trainer!

epicRaceDay™ videos feature an updated Digital Dashboard with a new segment timer to better help you plan your workout.

This new series is being offered as their first HD quality downloads and it looks GREAT on iDevices or even high quality projection screens!

The epicRaceDay™ series features an increased use of “in the middle of the action” bicycle mounted cameras as well as enhanced racing event sound effects (SFX) to make this series their most immersive yet! If you’ve never been in a bike race, you’ll feel you have after riding to Pensacola Stage Race.

Additionally, the video gives home trainers and indoor cycling instructors their choice of audio mixes to play – either music and SFX or SFX only.

Indoor Cycling instructors will also be glad to see that this video has been timed to run EXACTLY 60 minutes with 5 minute warm-ups and cool down sections, making class use a breeze.

Ron Callahan is the chief cook and bottlewasher at Bike World News, doing everything from website design to bike reviews.