Serebryakov Wins Again in Zining at Tour of China 2

-Sanofi rider Aleksandr Serebryakov sprinted to victory on Thursday in stage two at the Tour of China 2, once again raising his arms at the finish following a hard chase to the line.

Serebryakov, from Russia, capitalized on the hard work of teammates Aldo Ilesic and Joe Eldridge as they once again reeled in a dangerous breakaway in the closing laps of a 146km circuit race in Zining, the birthplace of Confucius.

Serebryakov won Tuesday’s first stage of the Tour of China  2, and was victorious in three stages of the Tour of China 1 last week, coming into great form in September after posting a big win in the United States in the early summer at the TD Bank Philadelphia Classic.

-Sanofi riders Daniele Callegarin and Filippo Fortin led an early breakaway in stage 2 at the Tour of China 2

“Serebryakov has morphed from his amateur status in as an all-rounder to become a very ful pure sprinter. With his ability to put so much strength into a final sprint, and a consistent string of wins this year, -Sanofi riders have gathered around him to devote themselves maximally to insuring he is in the best possible position whenever there is a chance to win,” said -Sanofi General Manager Vassili Davidenko.

Serebryakov’s strong showing in China is also helping to promote diabetes awareness in the world’s most populated country.

Joe Eldridge put in extra pulls at the front of a late-stage chase that helped bring the race back together for Serebryakov’s sprint

“It is due to these victories that our message of hope and inspiration for the diabetes community is spreading further than we could have ever dreamed possible in China. For -Sanofi to be on the podium, on television, in newspapers and most importantly in front of millions of people in the biggest Chinese cities is the culmination of efforts from so many people who make up our organization,” said -Sanofi CEO and Co-Founder .

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