Vacansoleil-DCM Honors 5 Times Winner Fausto Coppi in Tour of Lombardy

Vacansoleil-DCM will honor five times winner Fausto Coppi in this Saturday’s Giro di Lombardia by wearing a unique team kit. On behalf of the Dutch World Tour team Thomas De Gendt, Stefan Denifl, Johnny Hoogerland, Björn Leukemans, Marco Marcato, Tomasz Marczynski, Mirko Selvaggi and Rafael Valls will pull on the world famous celeste shirt, like Coppi did in his glorious days.

The Italian ‘campionissimo’ won the Tour of Lombardy four years in a row from 1946 and in 1954 as well. Like Coppi also Vacansoleil-DCM rides a Bianchi bicycle, so this special homage could be seen as a wink to the team partners Bianchi and Santini too. From Monday a limited number of one hundred of the dedicated team kits (shirt+pants) will be sold through Vacansoleil-DCM’s webshop at a price of € 100,- per set.

The Dutch cycling squad already honored Coppi during the Tour of Italy and the Tour of France with a special edition of Bianchi’s Oltre. In the bike frame a remembrance of the fact that Coppi won both grand tours sixty years ago was integrated.

To spread the “passione celeste” Vacansoleil-DCM will introduce the ‘celeste Lombardia kit’ with a welcome drink on Thursday 6PM in the brand new Officina Edoardo Bianchi, Largo B. Belotti 4-6 (Portici del Sentierone) in Bergamo. Rider Björn Leukemans, who did an excellent World Championship last Sunday, will be among the team representatives. Media are invited to cover this festive event, to catch a first glimmer of this fancy cycling wear.



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