Bahati Foundation seeks Nike® sponsorship

On the heels of this week’s announcement that Nike® has terminated ’s contract, pro cyclist  has made an open plea to Nike® to sponsor his , which supports inner city youth in under-served communities through cycling and educational outreach programs and motivational lectures.  The ’s programs are designed to inspire and empower youth towards greater achievements in education, sports and music.

“Since its inception in 2010, the has traveled to 63 cities and spoken to over 10,000 grade school students in an effort to positively affect the lives of at-risk underprivileged youth,” said Bahati.  “With generous help from our corporate sponsors, we’ve been able to supply inner city youth with gear, educational supplies and musical instruments.  With Nike’s support, we can expand this effort to help empower those kids who would otherwise be relegated to a life of crime, gangs and drugs.”

Bahati is encouraging everyone to “like” the newly launched Facebook page ( and follow the effort on Twitter (  This will help voice support for the foundation to Nike®.

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