UCI Registration of 2013 Teams

The International Cycling Union has carried out an assessment of the sporting value of teams, taking into account the contractual agreements signed for 2013 with the best 12 riders before October 20, 2012, in accordance with article 2.15.011a of the Regulations.

It should be noted that the team’s sporting value is partially determined by results obtained in 2011 and 2012, by riders which are included in the 2013 team squads. The sporting criterion is cral for the obtaining or retaining of ProTeam status, in addition to compliance with ethical, financial and administrative criteria. The has therefore established two lists.

The first list includes the names of the 15 top teams in terms of sporting value (by alphabetical order):


The second list indicates teams ranked 16th to 20th :

  • 18.
  • 19. TEAM

Following this phase of the registration procedure and in accordance with Article 2.15.011b of Regulations, the reiterates that:

  • A team ranked in the first fifteen places of the classification on the basis of sporting level is by this fact considered to have satisfied the sporting criterion.
  • The sporting value of a team ranked between 16th and 20th places inclusive will be verified by the Licence Commission via a more detailed assessment.
  • A team ranked lower than 20th shall be considered not to have satisfied the sporting criterion. The team can nonetheless apply for registration in second division should they so wish.


The next official information concerning the registration procedure will be provided after the November 1 deadline, when the will announce:

  • The registration of the ProTeams with a valid 2013 WorldTour licence which have met the four criteria;
  • The registration of the teams which have applied for Professional Continental Team Registration and whose file is in order.

Teams not mentioned on the lists above will be evaluated by the Licence Commission at a later time. This concerns in particular teams applying for a WorldTour licence, which are automatically reviewed by the Licence Commission.

As of 26 November, the will communicate the first decisions of the Licence Commission. The final decisions of the Licence Commission will be communicated on December 10th.

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