Team Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank Had a Successful Teambuilding

- Bank’s annual team building has been going on at Anfi Group’s resorts on Gran Canaria where the 2013 squad has been challenged in various activities mainly to get to know each other and create a good basis for future teamwork on the road and generally in relation to commution between all levels of the organization.

On day one of the teambuilding, the team was divided into groups to compete against each other in the disciplines such as soccer, beach volleyball, kayaking, swimming and other water activities as jet skiing and scuba diving.
On the second day, everyone was set to race in sail ts off the coast of Las Palmas where most where most team members turned out to be quite inexperienced. However, with a lle teamwork and support from experienced instructors, every t managed to get moving. On the final day of the teambuilding, the - Bank staff and riders were challenged in the higher altitudes in the Gran Canaria s where different types of rappelling, archery, shooting and walking through dark and damp tunnels were on the menu.

For the talented Christopher Juul-Jensen, the teambuilding has been a success:

“Give a bunch of boys a ball and a football pitch and you can be sure that everyone’s happy so it was obviously a good idea to include soccer in the plan of activities at this year’s teambuilding. I will never be a sailor though. It was good fun spending time at sea where I got a completely different relationship with the wind which is usually the challenge as a and as an ordinary seaman the wind was suddenly a helping hand. But my temperament and is a better match. However, I’m happy to have had the opportunity to chat with all new members on the team, “says the talented Dane.

Coming member of the team, states:

“I have not been physically or mentally challenged to a degree where it was uncomfortable thanks to my upbringing in where we often spent a couple of days here and there to explore the outback. But this experience has certainly been good for the new members of the team because I have had a chance to get to know everyone and it’s nice to being able to recognize the people in the administration with whom I mostly commute via email or phone,” says n rider . Being fluent in English and Dutch and knowledge of French, Spanish and Italian, he is linguistically well equipped.

The coming - Bank rider and U.S. road race champion, Timmy Duggan who celebrated his 30th birthday on the camp says:

“After just three days I have managed to create good relations with the other riders and staff on the team, so I feel completely relaxed, natural and calm in the company of everyone on the team, and it is a good prerequisite for the work to be done in 2013. The activities were only on the rim of my comfort zone so it was some good challenges for me as I have never tried either scuba diving or rappelling before. The entire session here provides us with a common experience that we talk about throughout the year so on the internal social sphere it has been a great success for us all, “said Tim Duggan.

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