Change Cycling Nows bolsters ranks with additions of Greg Lemond and Jonathan Vaughters

Global pressure group Change Cycling Now is quickly gaining immense support in the global cycling community with the announcement that three-time Tour de winner Greg LeMond has joined the multiple former pro cycle team members, world-renowned experts, international journalists and acclaimed academics who are part of the group meeting next week in .

It has also been announced that former pro riders and Eric Boyer will also be on the panel. Vaughters is a former teammate of Lance Armstrong’s in the U.S. Postal Services team, and is now President of the International Association of Groups (AIGCP). Boyer is a former Tour de and former team manager at . Additionally, former , Gianni Bugno will address the group in his current capacity as the President of the Association of (CPA).

On Dec. 2-3 in CCN will hold its inaugural summit, featuring an impressive coalition of people in a coordinated effort to publicly demand change within ’s governing body, (), to rescue a sport whose reputation is crippled by rampant use of performance-enhancing drugs.

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