Lotto Belisol Preview First Team Training Camp

From Saturday 8th till Tuesday 18th of December Lotto Belisol is – in cooperation with Thomas Cook Sport and the Baguet Cycling Center – going on a training camp to the Spanish Mojacar, where the team will lay the foundation for the season of 2013.


Only Greg Henderson won’t be there. The New-Zealander, who has just become father for the second time, will train in Australia for the next few weeks. Sander Cordeel, who recently had to undergo surgery of his knee, will join the team halfway of the training camp. Jurgen Van den Broeck already flew over a couple of days ago to be able to train in better circumstances.


Sports manager Marc Sergeant: “Last week we got together for a first time for the teambuilding, but from now on it’s mainly about cycling. Such a training camp is especially meant to work on the basic condition for the start of next season. It’s different than before, now the riders already have had a few weeks of training, which is necessary to be competitive in the second half of January in for example the Tour Down Under.”


“The riders will train in different groups because not everyone is aiming for the same goal. Thanks to the collaboration with Energy Lab we can perfectly determine what kind of training each rider needs and we can easily adjust and individualize. The riders see how the condition of the others is and nobody likes to be the odd one out. I have to say that last year everyone began the training camp in a good condition and when I see the test results of the past few weeks, it seems to me that it will be now the case as well.”


“In comparison to last year we don’t have as many newcomers, but is a good thing to all live together in group, according to a “cycling rhythm”. There will be made a lot of time to have individual conversations about the programme of each rider for the first part of the season. We know the location, we have been there also last year. The weather is perfect – sunny and 15 to 20 degrees, ideal to train – the roads are nice to ride on and there isn’t much traffic. That’s why we have chosen the same location this year.”

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