Pro Team Astana officially asks to join the MPCC

Pro Team on Wednesday sent an official request to organizers at Le Mouvement Pour un Cyclisme Credible, known in english as The Movement For Credible Cycling, and commonly referred to by its french acronym MPCC.

In this official request, signed by General Manager Alexandr Vinokurov and addressed to MPCC President Roger Legeay, Pro Team asks to join the organization in its efforts towards protecting and reestablishing the positive, clean image of .

For more information on MPCC, please visit their website:

The full text of Mr. Vinokurov’s official letter is copied below:

Dear Sirs,

As stakeholders in and in full recognition of the importance in demonstrating publicly our determination to prevent doping, Pro Team formally requests to join the Mouvement Pour un Cyclisme Credible.

Damaging practices in the past have created problems for ’s future, placing the reputation, image and viability of the sport at serious risk. Neither the doping practices nor the environment that served to enable them can ever be allowed to happen again.

On the basis of trust and transparency, Pro Team finds the MPCC Code of Conduct to be a credible, voluntary step towards protecting and reestablishing the positive, clean image of .

We share the MPCC’s belief that riders, managers and sponsors in have the obligation and capacity to say no to doping, and call on the UCI to recognize the MPCC as a viable intermediary among teams, organizers and Cycling Federations.

With regards

Alexandr Vinokurov, General Manager

Pro Team


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