Lotto Belisol Reports from Benicassim

Only good news from the Lotto Belisol training camp in Benicassim. Jurgen Van den Broeck gave a short statement and an elaborate interview to the Belgian journalists who travelled to Spain as well, Marc Sergeant talked about the run-up to the season, the classics, and all the other nice things that this cycling season has to offer and of course there is being heavily trained in the Spanish hinterland with the start in Gabon, Argentina and Australia in mind.

 After the arrival of the Belgian media on Sunday evening Jurgen Van den Broeck talked for a moment about his occasional consultations of doctor Chris Mertens in Rotselaar, who only was consulted when Jurgen was ill, on moments that Jan Mathieu, team doctor of Lotto Belisol, was abroad with the team.

 Apart from that Van den Broeck took the time after the training on Monday, in the sunny garden of the hotel, to look ahead to the season of 2013. Here is a selection of what he said:

 Jurgen about the off-season: “After the Vuelta I didn’t step on my bike for only two days. Actually I was frustrated to leave the Vuelta like that and because cycling is the thing I love to do most, I soon picked up the training again, so I’m already busy for a few months.”

   Jurgen about lonely trainings: “I often go to Mallorca to train. The circumstances are ideal, I have an excellent operating base and I only have to focus on one thing. The past few months I was about one week out of three on the Spanish island.”

 Jurgen about his adapted program: “I already rode the Walloon classics nine or ten times, but I never was at my best, so I won’t ride them this year. On the other hand I function better in stage races, so I will ride the Tour de Romandie. For the team the WorldTour points are important and a third or fourth place in a smaller stage race counts more and I want to help. The team gives me the chance to work completely in function of the Tour, so it is up to me to make sure I do everything to achieve the best I can, also in the preparation races.”

  Jurgen about the leadership: “A few years ago I wanted to test in the Giro how far I could reach in stage races, to decide afterwards if I should go for the GC myself or if I should serve someone else. The Giro of 2008 turned out well, so I have made a goal of the GC in Tour since then.”

 Jurgen about his life goal, the Tour podium: “Only at the end of my career I will be able to say what will have been the maximum to achieve; I can only do everything for it. I don’t have the talent of a Froome or Contador, but I try to make progress on different levels each year. I still want to work meticulously for months on that big goal every year.”

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