New Partners Join the AG2R LA MONDIALE Pro Cycling Team

This season, the LA MONDIALE team has twelve new sponsors in particular the world-renowned German brand of cycles: FOCUS.

 Below is the list of these new partners:


FOCUS                                                                Frame, fork

FULCRUM                                                          Wheels

CAMPAGNOLO                                                 Groupsets

SCHWALBE                                                       Tires

Fi’zi:k                                                                 Saddles, stems, handlebars

MACIF                                                                 Vehicles insurances

HYUNDAI                                                          Official vehicles

BRYTON                                                             GPS cycling computers

SPIDERTECH                                                     Kinesiology tape

MEDILAST                                                          Compression socks

HANKOOK                                                         Cars’ tires

ZEFAL                                                                  Bicycles pumps

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