Michael Rasmussen admits to doping, quits the sport

Danish cyclist Michael Rasmussen has admitted to taking -enhancing drugs from 1998 to 2010 in the latest scandal to hit the sport since ’s confession this month.

Rasmussen says he took testosterone and growth hormones and had s in an effort to boost his .

He says he will quit the sport immediately and cooperate with anti- agencies.

Rasmussen led the 2007 Tour de France until he was kicked off for lying about his whereabouts when he missed pre-race tests. He later admitted that he had lied and was banned from for two years.

Rasmussen most recently rode for the Christina Watches-Onofone squad, a team that was basically formed to give Rasmussen a place to continue his career after he returned from his ban in 2009. The team has ambitions of moving into the ProTour ranks by 2016.

Rasmussen’s admission really doesn’t come as a surprise. No one willfully evades tests just because they don’t like to pee in a cup or get a little blood drawn. Still, it’s good to see him come forward and come clean and cooperate with Danish anti- authorities.

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