Mike Teunissen (Netherlands) leads going into the run up. Courtesy of Scott Kingsley

Dutch Continue Winning Streak as Teunissen takes U23 Cyclocross World Championship

The third race of the day started with a well broken in course. The mud had begun to spray in the women’s race, with bikes and riders getting covered. The river had continued to rise, but the retaining walls and pumps held. The crowds had continued to grow, reaching the near 10,000 mark estimated on the day. In “The Woods”, spectators were 2-3 deep, and holding onto anything they could to not slide down the slick slopes.

Mike Teunissen (Netherlands) leads going into the run up. Image © 2013 Scott Kingsley
Mike Teunissen (Netherlands) leads going into the run up. Image © 2013 Scott Kingsley

The Dutch and Belgians got off to a fast start, placing three and six riders at the front respectively. Zach McDonald, the highest ranking US rider, was back in the top 15 and trying to work his way up. At the line on the first lap, it was Mike Teunissen (Netherlands) and Wietse Bosmans (Belgium) with a small lead over their chase group of teammates. Bosmans road point while Teunissen followed. Tuenissen lost grip in the slick mud and tumbled to the ground. Bosmans saw his opportunity and went for it, building a small lead on the Dutchman.

Zach McDonald (USA) takes the turn at the bottom of the slick hill. Image © 2013 Scott Kingsley
Zach McDonald (USA) takes the turn at the bottom of the slick hill. Image © 2013 Scott Kingsley

A group of four riders had formed to chase the two leaders down, containing Wout Van Aert, Michael Vanthourenhout and Laurens Sweeck (Belgium), and Tijmen Eising (Netherlands).  With four to go, Bosmans skipped the pits to try and gain some time on the chase. Coming to the final stretch to get three to go, Bosmans slid out, allowing the charging Teunissen to get back to within six seconds, and Van Aert withing nine.

As the riders hit the pit for the first time with three to go, Bosmans and Teunissen both came in for bikes, while Van Aert road on. Teunissen continued to look strong as he caught Bosmans on a dicey 180 degree turn, and he moved past Bosmans to take the lead, but Van Aert was still close behind.

Andrew Dillman (USA) rounds the bottom of the slick downhill. Image © 2013 Scott Kingsley
Andrew Dillman (USA) heads to the run up. Image © 2013 Scott Kingsley

With two to go, Teunissen came in for a bike change, while Bosmans pushed ahead. Van Aert was never able to quite catch the wheel of the two leaders, and continued to dangle off the back. Bosmans gave it one more effort, riding the barriers as the young Dutchman ran them, but Teunissen stayed close enough to remain a threat. Coming to the line with one to go, Teunissen again pushed the pace, this time, slowly pulling away for good. Bosmans continued to ride on, hoping to limit his losses, in hopes that Teunissen would falter. The Dutchman never would, and was able to to hold out for the win, with Bosmans and Van Aert each rolling in individually behind.

“Two years ago I was very close [to being world champion], I almost had that jersey, and two years later finally I got it,” said a happy Teunissen. “I was working on it the whole year and when something like that pays off it feels very, very good.”

“I came early to the front and I kept going but from the second lap I felt that my legs weren’t very, very good,” said Bosmans. “Last year I was more disappointed than this year because Mike was just a little bit better than me. It’s good that the best in the race can win so I can live with it better than last year.”

Van Aert was a bit more optimistic on his race. “In the beginning there were a few mistakes in front of me so I lost the wheel of the first two riders. Then Mike [Teunissen] made a mistake and Wietse was alone in the front. From the second lap I was giving it everything to be on the podium and in the end I was on the podium so I’m very happy.

  1. Mike TEUNISSEN (NED), in 48:40
  2. Wietse BOSMANS (BEL), in 48:54
  3. Wout VAN AERT (BEL), in 49:02
  4. Tijmen EISING (NED), in 49:15
  5. Jens ADAMS (BEL), in 49:18
  6. Laurens SWEECK (BEL), in 49:34
  7. Michiel VAN DER HEIJDEN (NED), in 49:45
  8. Michael VANTHOURENHOUT (BEL), in 49:55
  9. Corne VAN KESSEL (NED), in 50:09
  10. Gianni VERMEERSCH (BEL), in 50:14
  11. Zach MCDONALD (USA), in 50:22
  12. Kenneth HANSEN (DEN), in 50:30
  13. Michael (JR) SCHWEIZER (GER), in 50:34
  14. David MENUT (FRA), in 50:37
  15. Jonathan LASTRA MARTINEZ (ESP), in 50:38
  16. Yannick ECKMANN (GER), in 50:38
  17. Vojtech NIPL (CZE), in 50:56
  18. Jakub SKALA (CZE), in 51:17
  19. Lars FORSTER (SUI), in 51:28
  20. David VAN DER POEL (NED), in 51:40
  21. Clément VENTURINI (FRA), in 51:44
  22. Julian ALAPHILIPPE (FRA), in 52:00
  23. Lukas MÜLLER (SUI), in 52:09
  24. Michael BOROS (CZE), in 52:13
  25. Andrew DILLMAN (USA), in 52:20
  26. Fabian LIENHARD (SUI), in 52:36
  27. Severin SAGESSER (SUI), in 52:43
  28. Tomas PAPRSTKA (CZE), in 52:47
  29. Josh JOHNSON (USA), in 52:59
  30. Steven JAMES (GBR), in 53:46
  31. Michael VAN DEN HAM (CAN), in 53:57
  32. Hugo ROBINSON (GBR), in 53:59
  33. Adam MARTIN (GBR), in 54:27
  34. Michimasa NAKAI (JPN), in 54:42
  35. Andrew L’ESPERANCE (CAN), in 54:56
  36. Kohei MAEDA (JPN): DNF
  37. Skyler TRUJILLO (USA): DNF
  38. Conor O’BRIEN (CAN): DNF
  39. Tobin ORTENBLAD (USA): DNF
  40. Evan MCNEELY (CAN): DNF
  41. Emiel DOLFSMA (NED): DNF
  42. Daniele BRAIDOT (ITA): DNF
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