Greipel Sprints to Victory in Tour Méditerranéen

André Greipel has won the first stage of the Tour Méditerranéen. In a bunch sprint the German was faster than Pelucchi and Daniel. Earlier in the stage Vimpère, Routley and Vaubourzeix faced up to the chilly weather circumstances and set up a breakaway. They got a gap of more than five minutes, but Olivier Kaisen and Gert Dockx were diminishing those minutes on their own. When everything got back together at less than ten kilometers from the finish it seemed to turn out on a sprint and André Greipel was the best.

André Greipel: “Today Olivier Kaisen and Gert Dockx deserve a special mention. They rode on the head of the peloton all day long. None of the other teams wanted to help and so Dockx and Kaisen made it a hard day for many others. For most of the stage we had a backwind, so the cold wasn’t that bad. Because the time gaps weren’t passed on quite as well, it wasn’t easy to have an idea of the size of the gap. The preparation of the sprint was a bit difficult, because the signalization wasn’t clear, but luckily I could finish the team’s work. The next stage is a time trial and I don’t know what will happen the following days. It’s most important that I don’t get ill and get sufficient competition kilometers. If nobody wants to help, we won’t do all the work.”

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