ASSOS announces 2013 Summer line

ASSOS Summer 2013 line offers new color palettes, new fits in their jerseys and an all new construction method for their insulating base layers.

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For women, there is a new version of the long sleeve Intermediate Evo jersey called the iJ.intermediate_S7 lady. It is a summer jersey with long sleeves and a protective airBlock front panel that provides light protection against chilling winds without overheating. The iJ.intermediate_s7 provides total comfort and light protection when temperatures are a bit chilly but not cold. Ideally suited for early morning rides or when riding in rapidly changing climatic conditions, such as on a MTB.

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Also for the women, ASSOS moves away from their typical color block schemes to a very bright and colorful s5.ladyElisse jersey. The ladyElisse was created and designed as a tribute to their female customers and to please the eyes of the entire ASSOS community. Number 13 has a special place in the ASSOS world: it’s level 13, symbolizing the manga.Yio state of mind, the perfect ride, ASSOS nirvana, and the LTF means that it is available only for the summer season of 2013. The featured graphics are unusual compared to what typical ASSOS style. we are accustomed.

The colors and names selected have been inspired by great operas, except the Moussa. Its featured color is what the fashion world and textile industry have established as the color of the year. This color of the year decision process is taken by a select group of influential individuals who meet once a year in a secret place in France to discuss trends and technologies. When the day is over, the color decision is formulated and the color of the (coming) year is announced. When you wear the Moussa, you show that you are on the cutting edge.


For all riders the new skinFoil system is a replacement for the interactive series. skinFoil represents a completely new template, utilizing seamless, tubular construction. The new construction method is less expensive while offering a  less restrictive, more comfortable fit. Nevertheless, the garments’ performance is just as good, if not better, than the previous interactive models, thanks to the meticulously calibrated choice of the custom-designed yarn matrix.

The skinFoil series of bodyInsulators comprises all you will need: Seven models, covering the seven
ALS climaRanges, from spring.1 to winterPlus.7. Each is designed to ideally complement your second layer of ASSOS jersey or jacket, making them a perfect match.

SSmangussta_Black_SideFinally, the SS.mangusta and SS.corporate jerseys represent a new ASSOS pattern design. From a fit point of view, it is situated between SS.Uno and SS.Mille. So, not too snug and not too loose. A perfect compromise to better fit both the athlete and larger body types that they call performanceFit.

The main fabric used on these new jerseys is a brand new ASSOS Textile Lab development: Type 151 (the same being used in the new Mille jersey). It offers both lower volume and faster-reacting body climate regulation. When you perspire a lot, it reacts by speeding up moisture transfer. When you cool down fast, it slows the evaporation process, using your body’s moisture to retain warmth.

In addition to the new fabric, it also offers reflective rear visibility stripes and a covered full front zip.


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Ron Callahan is the chief cook and bottlewasher at Bike World News, doing everything from website design to bike reviews.
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