Image courtesy of Lampre-Merida. Image Biondi/Bettini Photo © 2013

Lampre – Merida team to make Italian debut at Trofeo Laigueglia

After one month spent racing in Africa, Australia, South America and Spain, Team LAMPRE-MERIDA will race in Italy for the first time in 2013.

Image courtesy of Lampre-Merida. Image Biondi/Bettini Photo © 2013
Image courtesy of Lampre-Merida. Image Biondi/Bettini Photo © 2013

Lampre-Merida will field a high quality team for their debut on home ground at the Trofeo Laigueglia.

Sport director Piovani will rely on Davide Cimolai, Damiano Cunego, Kristijan Durasek, Elia Favilli, Przemyslaw Niemiec, Daniele Pietropolli, Filippo Pozzato and Diego Ulysses. In the staff there will be masseurs Hair, Del Gallo and Napolitano, mechanics Carminati and Viganò, driver Cocoon and team doctor Beltemacchi.

LAMPRE-MERIDA’s cyclists will arrive in Laigueglia motivated and in good condition, sport director Piovani explained. “Pietropolli and Pozzato, who both have won this race before, will be the key riders, as will Ulysses. Cunego could be our other surprise. Durasek, Favilli, Niemiec and Cimolai recently showed that they all are in a good conditiona and they’ll be able to offer their prefect support to the team.”

Ulysses is willing to be the protagonist: “Racing in Argentina and Mallorca, I had good feelings, that’s why I approach Laigueglia in an optimistic way. I like the final part of the race, it could be suitable for attacks, so I’d like to be in the head of the race in order to test my condition.”

“Laigueglia is the debut race in Italy and usually the atmosphere is exciting, Also thanks to the support of the fans,” Cunego explained, “I’m willing to check my condition in a demanding race, being part of a very competitive team with Cimolai, Pietropolli, Ulysses and Pozzato.”

Pietropolli won the Trofeo Laigueglia in 2011: “The early part of the season is the one I prefer, that’s why Laigueglia Trophy is one of my targets. I suffered a crash in Australia, but I hope my condition could be good. The final part of the race is different than 2011, it gives more December incertitude. “

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