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Slimepro introduces new Tubeless Sealant

Slime ProAfter extensively testing other tubeless sealant products and identifying key bicyclist complaints, the pros at Slime, the trusted tire-sealant and care company, gathered a team of racing professionals to create a superior tubeless sealant product. The result is Slimepro Tubeless Sealant, an advanced formula that proactively prevents flat tires and outperforms the competition.

Designed for UST and conversion bikes, Slimepro Tubeless Sealant instantly seals punctures up to 1/8” and weighs in at just 1g per mL. This formula also contains Slime’s anti-rust and corrosion package, a trademarked secret of world class automotive tire sealants, designed to protect expensive wheels from corrosion.

“This is the ultimate simple solution for any cyclist who wants proactively prevent flat tires,” said Patrick Mallon, Brand Marketing Director for Slime®.  “Tire repair kits are difficult to use and require removing the tire.  Slimepro replaces this scenario by preventing the flat in the first place.”

Slimepro Tubeless Sealant comes in a convenient 16 oz. can and retails for $19.99 at REI.
Smaller sizes are being introduced shortly.

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Product Features
•       Specifically designed for use with tubeless bicycle tires
•       Guaranteed to outperform the competition
•       Instantly seals punctures up to 1/8” (3mm)
•       Lightweight
•       Compatible with UST and conversion systems
•       Non-corrosive & non-hazardous
•       Seals bead

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