Sven Nys To Continue Through 2014-2015

Belgian fans can breath a collective sigh of relief, Sven Nys (Crelan-Euphony) has announce he will continue racing through the 2014-2015 season.  The recently crown world champion still has fight left in him.

“I still feel very good, I’m able to enjoy training, I’m still motivated to win the races and my family fully supports my decision. I didn’t attempt to lighten my schedule this year, and I will continue to contest all the important ‘cross races in Belgium.”

Some fans were caught by surprise, when Nys tweeted about selling his motor home that he uses for races. While this could partially be tied to Crelan ending it’s team sponsorship after the 2013 campaign, they will be staying on as a personal sponsor to Nys. So maybe it was just time for a new van?

“I’ll do it after next season at least another year.  And just in case it really could keep going, we have even an option for another year added more.”

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