Peter Sagan and Moreno Moser to lead Cannondale on the Strade Bianchi

Cannondale Pro Cycling will next fly its colors on March 2 in the new Tuscan classic, the Strade Bianche. The 188 km race, which features gruelling stretches of tough gravel road, will be covered by eight riders: captains Peter Sagan and Moreno Moser, and a supporting cast of Maciej Bodnar, Tiziano Dall’Antonia, Kristijan Koren, Maciej Paterski (his season debut), Fabio Sabatini and Brian Vandborg. The team will be led by Directeur Sportif Mario Scirea.

“The Strade Bianche has attracted me since the first time I raced,” affirmed Slovak champion Sagan. “Yesterday’s win in Camaiore now gives me a big boost of confidence to go after an important result this weekend. But I also know that a lot of champions target this race and there will be some tough competition. My approach is to not think too much and to see what will happen during the race.”

“I have good memories of the Strade Bianche: its beauty and its difficulty,” explained Moser, who competed on the gravel near Siena for the first time last year. “I’m looking forward to trying it again because I like this race and it intrigues me. I have one year of experience behind me and my only goal is to see how much I can improve. I can’t and I don’t want to guess about the final result. I only want to do my best and achieve the same.”

“Sagan and Moser are two important riders,” added Scirea. “And they have the possibility to do well. Both were strong at the GP of Camaiore but the Strade Bianche is a particular race. For sure we will try to be as competitive as we can. Besides Sagan and Moser we have other riders suited for Strade Bianche. We’ll aim for a performance to measure up to our ambitions.”

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