Stevens Wins Time Trial at Merco Classic

For a bike racer, or well at least for me, I find the month of the February to be the most challenging. As you get closer to the racing, the thoughts, worries and doubts start to creep in, did I train correctly, am I fit, can I still go fast, all those wonderful neurosis and more.

 I have titled it February Anxiety and thank goodness today is the beginning of March and February Anxiety is now a thing of the past. Yesterday, relishing in the beautiful weather of Merced, CA, the team raced brilliantly and we ended the day with Tayler in yellow.

 After attending an inspiring dinner last night, with Davis Phinney as the keynote speaker (he spoke about the importance of women’s cycling and even went as far to donate to the women’s prize purse for Merced, a true class act!!), we all woke up ready to endure the pain and suffering in the race against the clock.

 The Merco TT is a wonderful way to shake out the TT cobwebs from your legs, put to use all the practice and training from the winter and a great test of our super fast and spiffy aero equipment from  Specialized and HED, plus it is a great excuse to wear our killer red booties from Lexxi Sports.

 Time trials never feel good, if they do, then you likely need to go faster. At the end of the day, we still have the yellow jersey, enjoyed some yummy ally bars and merced burritos. Thank goodness for March, as I write this, I am lying on my bed, comfortably back into the routine of a competing bike racer.

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