Tern Verge S11i and Physis 3D handlepost win Taipei Cycle Design and Innovation Awards

Tern's Verge S11i won an Taipei Cycle Design and Innovation award
’s Verge S11i won an Design and Innovation award

“Bikes designed for transport are often-times not as sexy as the next seven kilo road bike, so it’s a great honor to be recognized for our innovation,” stated Joshua Hon, vice president. “We’ve got an amazingly passionate team that is dedicated to improving the experience. We see huge opportunities for improving the cycling experience for this type of rider and these awards give us a bit of extra motivation.”

The Verge S11i is designed to be the ultimate in and incorporates six patented technologies. The Verge S11i represents a ground-up rethink of what people in urban spaces need from their transportation, including safety, cargo, comfort, storage, and of course, multi-modal commuting.

Featured on the Verge S11i and being introduced throughout the rest of the lineup, the organically-curved Physis 3D-forged handlepost might be considered more sculpture than bicycle component. It is fabricated from a single piece of aluminum with the latest 3D forging technology. 3D forging eliminates welds and optimizes wall thicknesses for a substantially stronger and lighter component. The complex manufacturing process requires proprietary tools and a forging machine that can exert 400 tons of pressure.

“Only a small handful of factories in the world are capable of producing such a large 3D forging to such precise tolerances and our partner for this is based in , the center of high-end bicycle production,” stated Hon.

will be showing its full product lineup at the Show (March 20-23) in booth M1019a.

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