Loaded up after a trip to the farmers market.

Green Guru Gear Ruckus Backpack Review

Everyone hates getting a flat tire. Most of us are not lucky enough to have a team car riding behind with spare wheels and a mechanic for a quick change. Flats are not all bad though. The geniuses at Gear will take discarded tubes and other items to make great products for you to use on and off the bike.

Loaded up after a trip to the farmers market.
Loaded up after a trip to the farmers market.

The Ruckus bag is made to carry everything you need. For the light days heading into the office, you have 1,890 cu. in. of space to fill. This gives you plenty of room for your laptop, lunch, and workout gear. For weekend trips or a ride to the local farmer’s market, it expands out to 2,520 cu. in, plenty of space for a few days worth of cloths or a week’s worth of fruit and vegetables. It’s not just a big bag to throw your things in though. The laptop pocket holds up to a 17” laptop with a velcro strap to keep it secure. The cavernous main compartment of the Ruckus is ready to hold everything else, cloths, groceries, even a cat (a certain tux is now unhappy with the writer for experimenting*). There are two pouches to help organize some of the smaller items as well. When the load is light, and you want to keep the bag as small as possible, a drawstring at the top of the main compartment, cinches the bag tight to decrease the volume.

The outside features a handy organizer for the small items. A nylon divider holds papers or anything you need quick access to. On the outside of the divider, a zippered pocket keeps valuables safe, and organizers are ready to hold things like pens, small flashlights, and a phone. There is one last pocket that is not as obvious. On the back of the Ruckus, there is a hidden pocket behind the back pad to hold a hydration sleeve. It even has a nylon loop to hook the hydration sleeve to.

To keep everything covered and contained, the Ruckus has a large flap covering the entire front of the bag with long velcro strips on each side and adjustable plastic clips at the bottom.  These features help keep the flap in place regardless of the amount packed. There is also a light loop with reflective stitching ready for you to attach your favorite rear light. Either side of the bag has nylon straps to slide something like an umbrella or camera tripod through. The shoulder straps are wide and padded to carry the load comfortably, and feature various loops on the front to hook items to. The left strap also has a bit of reflective stitching to keep you visible from the front. The sternum and waist straps are removable for the days you aren’t on an epic adventure.

Green Guru Gear Ruckus Bag
Gear Ruckus Bag

On top of all the great features of the bag, you get the peace of mind knowing that you are helping to reduce waste in the world of sports. Each Ruckus is made out of six upcycled bike tubes, which makes the bag weatherproof, keeps it extremely durable, and gives it a unique look. Any manufacturer’s markings or welded on patches from the previous rider are left on to give the bag character. The fabric used for the liner and dividers in the main compartment are made out of 100% recycled PETE water bottles, while other nylon portions are made out of 60% recycled PETE fabrics.

Whether you are a , , or a desk jockey, the Gear Ruckus bag is ready for any adventure. When traveling, it fits nicely under the seat in front of you in the airplane (tested on a recent trip to Europe) and will keep your cargo dry when caught out in the weather. Cleaning is simple too. The nylon surfaces can be cleaned with products such as Simple Green, and the rubber portions look great after a light wipe down of Armor All.

If you are interested in recycling items with Gear, check their website for a list of drop off sites. They take tubes, wet suits, tents, and climbing rope, and turn them into great and useful products. If you do not have a local drop off site, you can send your used items directly to their manufacturing center in , CO, and talk to your local shops about becoming a drop off center.



The annoyed cat that fits in the bag.
The annoyed cat that fits in the bag.

*No cats were harmed in creating this , annoyed, but not harmed.

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