OGIO announces new sponsorship with Jamis Hagens Bermen Professional Cycling Team

OGIO International, innovator of uniquely intelligent bags for endurance athletes, is pleased to announce its new sponsorship agreement with the Jamis Hagens Bermen US Professional Cycling Team for 2013.

Active as of May 12, 2013—the commencement of the 2013 Amgen Tour of California—the agreement precedes overwhelming performance success for the team.  Thanks to the likes of Colombian rider, Janier Acevedo, the team captured a stage 2 victory and a 2nd place finish on stage 7.

“We initially built relations with the Jamis Hagens Bermen Team through Laura Moen, OGIO’s Northwest Sales Representative,” said Mark Talarico, OGIO’s Global Vice President for Endurance Sports.

Continuous communication allowed OGIO to ensure the team received product prior to the start of the Tour.

“The guys love the Endurance 9.0 bags,” said Jamis Hagen Berman’s Director Sportif, Sebastian Alexandre. “We are always searching for the best equipment for our athletes and OGIO products fit that criterion.”

New Jersey-based Jamis Hagens Berman joins Netherland-based Argos-Shimano Race Team in OGIO’s cycling portfolio of brand ambassadors with OGIO indicating intent for further expansion.

“Other team interest and inquires have ensued since receiving positive exposure through our partnership with Argos-Shimano,” said Talarico. “In fact, we have recently been approached by 6 other major international race teams and are currently evaluating those opportunities. We love being a part of the professional cycling circuit and view the engagement as a cornerstone to our endurance division.”

Both parties (OGIO and the Jamis Hagens Berman Cycling Team) look forward to continuing their partnership in the coming years.

Ron Callahan is the chief cook and bottlewasher at Bike World News, doing everything from website design to bike reviews.

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