Vini Fantini – Selle Italia team management talks about their future

Angelo Citracca, Team Manager of Vini Fantini Selle , wanted to clarify some important concepts afther the articles published in several newspapers, both offline and online, contained partial and incorrect information regarding the future of the team

“First of all I want to reassure the many fans who have written to us and who have written directly to Luca Scinto. Scinto will continue his important work and will continue to lead our team. His announcements made immediately after the communication of Santambrogio’s postive (reflected) a moment of despair that betrayed the typical optimism of Luca, but his willingness to go on with our project is in no way in doubt. His saying “I leave everything” was just a momentary weakness”.

About (team) , Citracca underlined: “Last evening at 7pm I had a call with our main sponsor Valentino Sciotti, now abroad for work, )who) confirmed to me (his) full confidence for the remaining part of this season and for the next one. So the aims and the structure of our project don’t change and our project will go on in any case, even if, for strategic reasons than I could fully understand, the choices of Farnese group will change. But I want to underline that surely our team will go on, as much this year as in the future, considering that a lot of partners (including Farnese) have already given us positive signals and support, confirmed their confidence”.

It’s clear that Vini Fantini Selle team, despite the cases of Di Luca and Santambrogio that have partially undermined the serenity of the team, will continue in its project, so in 2013 as in 2014. To confirm this, part of the team is currently traveling to Riga, where Saturday 8th there will be the race that has the same name of the town and the next day, June 9th, the GP Jurmala, won in 2012 by Rafael Andriato.

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