Joelle Numainville wins Women Time Trial title at Canadian Championships

Joëlle Numainville of Laval, QC (Optum-Kelly Benefits Strategies) won the Thursday at the Canadian Road Championships in St-Georges, QC.

Numainville was the fastest of the group today, crossing the finish line of the hilly 27-km course with a time of 39:54.

“I raced well in the United States this year with my team Optum-Kelly Benefits. As the season progressed, my s improved quite a bit. Even with tired legs, I was able to make it on the podium. I was confident, but to win, you still need to be ready on race day,” said Numainville, who raced for at the 2012 in London.

“I’m really happy with the Championships title. It’s certain that road races are very important to me. It was very difficult today in the s, with a strong wind. Yesterday, I told myself that it was a very good course, without too many flats. We can therefore think that there would be selections. So I arrived at the start line this morning confident to perform.”

Numainville, part of a strong team here, will be alongside the defending Canadian champion, Denise Ramsden. In 2010, it was Numainville who won the title.

“The team is confident here, that we’ll have a very good performance tomorrow for the road race, and we have to play our cards well. The course seems very difficult, and I think it’s to our advantage. You have to be patient, but I am convinced that we can get a good result.”

Anika Todd of Victoria, BC (Tripleshot Club) came in second place, at her first ever Canadian Championships race. The 23 year old rider was pleased with her results: “It’s a huge honour to race among ’s best. I am very surprised of my results and very happy to be here. I’ve been really lucky with Tripleshot sending me here. Without them, I wouldn’t be here. ProCity set me up with some sweet s. They sent me here, and other than that I just ride my hard. I am taking my progression one step at a time. Next week will be the BC SuperWeek, then I will hit up the . I haven’t done track yet, but I think it will be really fun!”

In third place to round the podium came Jasmin Glaesser of -To The Top, and was the Top U23 rider. “It was a tough race out there, I won’t lie. I definitely had my moments where I was struggling. It was definitely hard for everyone. It was all about managing the conditions as best as you could. I am very happy with my ride. In training over the last two days, I really paid attention to the conditions, and how I would attack the ride, and I think that worked for me today.”

“I think a lot of riders have stepped up to the plate this year. Joelle has been having a great season, and I do think she was the favorite coming here, and she deserves the win. There was many riders with the potential to step on top of the podium,” added Glaesser, who won the bronze medal at the 2012 in London in the Team Pursuit, in .

1. NUMAINVILLE, Joëlle (Optum-Kelly Benefits) 39:54
2. TODD, Anika (Tripleshot Club) 40:14 +0:20
3. GLAESSER, Jasmin / To The Top 40:33 +0:39
4. RAMSDEN, Denise (Optum-Kelly Benefits) 40:39 +0:45
5. KIRCHMANN, Leah (Optum-Kelly Benefits) 41:00 +1:06
6. LABONTÉ, Véronique (CSM Épinay-Sur-Seine) 41:11 +1:17
7. ALBRECHT, Lex (Now and Novartis for MS) 41:15 +1:21
8. BRIEN, Alizee (GSD Gestion-Kallisto 41:18 +1:24
9. BROWN, Laura ( Fine Cooking) 41:23 +1:29
10. ALLAN, Paolina 41:49 +1:55

1. GLAESSER, Jasmin (/To The Top) 40:33
2. BRIEN, Alizée (GSD Gestion-Kallisto) 41:18
3. FOREMAN-MACKEY, Annie (Team Ontario) 42:29

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