Albabici Helps Sponsor CBNC Cycling’s Northwest Fixied-Gear Racing Tour

Albabici, a leading importer of authentic Italian cycling products, will be a key sponsor of Los Angeles-based CBNC Cycling team’s upcoming West Coast tour of fixed gear and urban racing, including the Quake City Rumble in San Francisco, June 28-30; and the North American Cycle Courier Championships in Seattle, July 6-7. CBNC Cycling will also stop in Portland, Ore., for appearances, too.

Albabici’s support of CBNC Cycling includes Selle SMP saddles, Forza handlebars and stems, and a donation of Nalini apparel that was auctioned off to raise funds for the trip. This is the second time Albabici has pitched in to help CBNC Cycling: Last year Albabici provided Sci’Con travel cases for two team members — Sean Martin and Kelli Samuelson — who competed in Fixed Fest 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

While the cycling sub-culture of fixed-gear bike racing isn’t new, more and more official organized events are taking place in America and abroad. In addition, fixed-gear cycling is spawning a renewed interest in velodrome racing — meaning that this once “outlaw” slice of cycling is leading a renaissance back to bike racing’s 100-year-old roots: the track.

CBNC Cycling is an irreverent, iconoclastic fixie race team that is a powerhouse in Southern California’s vibrant underground street and velodrome racing scene. Martin’s website,, chronicles the fixed-gear racing and culture in the Los Angeles area. For more information on Albabici product lines, contact Albabici at, by phone, 805-385-3179, or visit them at

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