UCI denies Cycling News report on 2008 Tour de France anti-doping

The UCI is having a busy day today….. Here’s their response to Ricardo Ricco’s allegations of drug tests covered up during the 2008 Tour de France.

An article in News today reported that the Italian rider Riccardo Riccò, who is currently suspended for until April 2024, claimed on social media that many more riders had tested positive for EPO at the 2008 Tour de France than the four who were caught.

Riccò, Stefan Schumacher, Leonardo Piepoli and Bernhard Kohl all returned positive tests at the 2008 Tour. But Riccò claimed on his Twitter account that more riders had tested positive.

This unsubstantiated claim is totally untrue. In the 2008 Tour de France, the French anti- agency (AFLD) was solely responsible for carrying out all anti- testing. The UCI was not involved in the testing as the 2008 Tour de France was not on the UCI calendar but was organized as a national event.

However, any adverse analytical finding from a test that was carried out during the 2008 Tour de France was reported by the lab directly to AFLD with a copy to UCI and and was seen and ed by AFLD, UCI and . It is simply not possible for a positive test to be covered up.

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