The 3T Accelero 40 Stealth complements the look of the black bikes on the market with its understated graphics.

3T Accelero 40 Team Stealth Review

The 3T Accelero 40 Stealth complements the look of the black bikes on the market with its understated graphics.
The Accelero 40 Stealth complements the of the black bikes on the market with its understated graphics.

Is it possible for our bikes to feel emotion?  They are mechanical and engineering feats made of and metal, but do they have a soul? When I walk by my bikes hanging in the living room, or leaning against the wall in the kitchen, I imagine them being upset that I am leaving without them.

One day while riding with a group, I asked a someone to describe a sound that I heard from my while cruising along around 25 mph. He said it sounded like a harmonic whistle or singing…my were singing. It’s things like that that make me think maybe they do feel joy when they are out doing what they were made to.

is well known for their bars, stems, seat posts, and forks, but the Italian manufacturer is taking the step into the aero wheel market with the Mercurio and Accelero lines. The Mercurio is a full tubular available in 43, 63, and 83 mm depths, all with 23mm wide s. A rear disc wheel is also available. Keeping the hierarchy of their other product lines, the Mercurio’s are only available in the high end Limited series. An interesting bit on the Mercurio’s is how the spokes attach to the . Instead of spoke nipples locking the spokes into the , pockets are molded into the where the spokes slot into. The nipples are housed in the hubs, cutting down on the rotational inertia. Mercurio wheel sets come with brake pads made by Swiss Stop, skewers, and can optionally be built with Ceramic bearings.

The aluminum brake track means you won't need to swap pads if you throw on our all aluminum wheels.
The aluminum brake track means you won’t need to swap pads if you throw on our all aluminum .

The Accelero line are all s, and more practical for the rider not wanting to deal with tubulars. They available in a 37 mm all aluminum Pro series, and 43 and 63 mm /aluminum hybrid Team series. All use a 23 mm wide , that is a similar shape to the Mercurio.  There is also a full Limited series on its way, and will be offered in 43 and 63 mm. These also come with skewers.

While there are many other /aluminum wheel sets on the market, the shape is what sets the Accelero apart from the competitors. Instead of your typical pointy “V” shaped aero s of the past, uses a wide with a flat top. The shape was conceived through extensive computational fluid dynamic testing of a wide variety of profiles. says the shape is optimized to be stable in winds, and extremely aerodynamic head on and from the sides.

In the real world, these are a solid choice for or racing on the road and . For a 43 mm tall , they are surprisingly stable in gusts up to 20 mph. You will feel the wind pushing, but it is predictable and easy to handle. When the road heads to the sky, the Accelero 40 Team’s climb well, and descend even better. The track through corners with no signs of flex, and the aluminum brake tracks stop powerfully, even in the wet. When out of the saddle in a sprint, the hub engages quickly and power is transferred straight to the tires through the Sapim CX-Ray spokes. The feel fast, and breed confidence on the road. The 23 mm width makes these great on the course too. The wide handles a wider tire better, providing better traction. The aluminum brake track works well for a brake when things get sloppy.

Tidy front hub and titanium skewers.
Tidy front hub and skewers.

One downfall to these is the location of the nipples. Being a hybrid , the nipples still attach to the aluminum , and are hidden under the faring. To true the , the tube, tire, and tape need to be removed to gain access. Also, a special spoke wrench is required, instead of the standard horseshoe spoke wrench. While not as easy as truing with exposed nipples, this is a common problem with most hybrid s, and shouldn’t be held against the Accelero 40 Team’s too much.

When they hit the scales, they were a little heavier than advertised. The front wheel came in at 817 grams, the rear at 967 grams, and skewers at 86 grams for the pair. This is stripped down to just the and tape, without skewers. Advertized at 1600 grams, they were about 184 grams heavy, not including the skewers. Personally, it is not something that I would notice, but the weight weenies might see this as a fault.

The wide rim of the 3T Accelero 40 is a good platform for mounting wide cyclocross tires.
The wide of the Accelero 40 is a good platform for mounting wide tires.

Overall, these have been fun to ride on the road and the tracks. They might not climb as well as a super-light, low profiled , or be as fast as a 80mm tall , but they are great for an all around et. Their wide platform is great with wider tires, or a set of 25mm road tires. If you don’t want the hassle of tubulars or brake tracks, give the Accelero 40 a for a wheel you can use all year round.

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