Mara Abbott wins again, takes control of Giro Rosa

With a second straight stage win in the mountains of Italy,  (, Colo./Exergy TWENTY16) has put a stranglehold on the 2013 Giro Rosa. for the USA Cycling National Development Program (NDP), Abbott won Friday’s 121-kilometer sixth stage by 24 seconds, a day after taking over the pink leader’s with a dominating victory in the 73.3-kilometer fifth stage. Abbott added more than a minute to her overall lead with her win on Friday and now leads the general classification by 2:40 over Tatiana Guderzo (ITA/Mcipollini Giordana).

Abbott will rely on her U.S. teammates Andrea Dvorak (Crozet, Va./Exergy TWENTY16),  (Asheville, N.C./Exergy TWENTY16),Lauren Hall (Dolores, Colo./Team Optum p/b ), Brianna Walle (Beaverton, Ore./Team Optum p/b ), Ruth Winder (Lafayette, Calif./Vanderkitten), Kristin McGrath (Boise, Idaho/Exergy TWENTY16) andJanel Holcomb (San Diego, Calif./Team Optum p/b ) to help preserve the lead over the final stage on Saturday before the race ends with a 16-kilometer  on Sunday in Cremona.

“Thanks to my teammates I could tackle the race easily and ride at my best,” said a smiling Abbott. “Today was definitely an important stage, but Cremona is still far. We still have two more stages, and everything can change.”

During Friday’s stage, those teammates controlled the race in the first few kilometers when Olympic and world champion (NED/Rabo Women Cycling Team) tried to attack, as well as later in the race when nine riders tried to open up a gap.

“Today’s race was a great, and I mean GREAT team effort,” said U.S. Team Director Jack Seehafer. “The ladies executed the plan by as a team and controlling the front until the final climb, thus allowing Mara to go to work over the final 10 kilometers. After previewing the course, we knew that it was to our advantage if we could control it till then. Mara was able to complete her job and gain more time as we knew we wanted 2.5 minutes of a lead prior to Saturday and the time trial on Sunday. It was an amazing team effort by the ladies, and all have stepped up to the level of professionalism that was asked of them.”

Abbott completed Friday’s stage, which started in Terme di Premia and ended with an uphill finish in San Domenico, in 3:16:01. She was followed to the line by Claudia Hausler (GER/Team Tibco To The Top), 0:24back, and Francesco Cauz (ITA/Top Girls Fassa Bortolo), 0:34 off the winning time.

Giro Rosa 2013
June 30-July 7, 2013


Stage 6
1.  (, Colo./Exergy TWENTY16) 3:16:01
2. Claudia Hausler (GER/Team Tibco To The Top) +0:24
3. Francesca Cauz (ITA/Top Girls Fasso Bortolo) +0:34
73. Andrea Dvorak (Crozet, Va./Exergy TWENTY16) +15:23
98. Kristin McGrath (Boise, Idaho/Exergy TWENTY16) +18:16
127. Ruth Winder (Lafayette, Calif./Vanderkitten) +31:35
128. Lauren Hall (Dolores, Colo./Team Optum p/b ) +31:35
129. Brianna Walle (Beaverton, Ore./Team Optum p/b ) +31:37
130. Janel Holcomb (San Diego, Calif./Team Optum p/b ) +31:37
131.  (Asheville, N.C./Exergy TWENTY16) +31:37

General Classification (after six stages)
1.  (, Colo./Exergy TWENTY16) 17:14:34
2.Tatiana Guderzo (ITA/Mcipollini Giordana) +2:40
3. Claudia Hausler (GER/Team Tibco To The Top) +2:55
46. Andrea Dvorak (Crozet, Va./Exergy TWENTY16) +40:49
77. Kristin McGrath (Boise, Idaho/Exergy TWENTY16) +1:00:12
95. Lauren Hall (Dolores, Colo./Team Optum p/b ) +1:11:17
98. Brianna Walle (Beaverton, Ore./Team Optum p/b ) +1:12:01
102. Ruth Winder (Lafayette, Calif./Vanderkitten) +1:16:43
103.  (Asheville, N.C./Exergy TWENTY16) +1:17:10
114. Janel Holcomb (San Diego, Calif./Team Optum p/b ) +1:24:36

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