Sharkies Launches Caffeinated Strawberry Chews Made from Organic Ingredients

Sharkies, the maker of organic energy, sports and fruit chews, today announced the launch of their new Turbo Energy Chews, available in Strawberry flavor. Strawberry Turbo Sharkies offer an extra energy boost from White Tea, which delivers the caffeine equivalent of a half-shot of espresso.


“Sharkies Strawberry Turbo Energy Chews are a fantastic addition to our product line and are perfect for active adults looking for a clean fuel source to repower,” said Michael Giardina, Brand Manager for Sharkies. “These are a great choice for a any activity — whether you’re kicking off a 10K run, in need of a mid-hike boost or are ready for an extra surge of energy to power through the end of a lengthy .”

In addition to the new Strawberry Turbo Energy Chews, Sharkies offers energy chews in Fruit Splash, Berry Blast and Watermelon flavors. For kids, Sharkies are available in chews tailored for active sports, lunches or after-school snacks. All Sharkies chews are vegan, free of gluten, soy, wheat, dairy, tree-nuts, eggs and peanuts, making them an allergy-friendly fuel for active adults and kids alike.

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