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My day job is in , and I can tell you from experience that rolling out an site, any site, is a lot of work. A lot goes into the both the front end and the back end to make sure everything works correctly. Looks like Competitive Cyclist got it right!

Today, Competitive Cyclist launches its new and improved website with s that enhance the overall customer shopping experience. From the new innovative Build tool to easy-to-use navigation, the new site makes purchasing the right and best gear easier than ever, and it gets you out faster doing what you’re suppose to be doing – riding.

“The new Competitive Cyclist site is faster and easier to navigate, has better search, and performs better on tablets and handsets,” said Brendan Quirk, Executive VP of Customer Experience at “Most importantly, we preserved and significantly improved the amazing set that makes Competitive Cyclist the pinnacle experience on the web today, including our Fit Calculator, , and pre- and back-order capabilities.”

Customizing and fine-tuning your new whip doesn’t get any easier than using the site’s integrated . Located on all complete and frame-only product pages, the tool lets you configure your the way you want it. Complete with product images, the allows you to pick the right components that fit your needs in a seamless, well-designed platform. In addition, the new photo- and video-driven Fit Calculator offers a step-by-step guide to help you properly chose the right-sized steed for maximum enjoyment in the saddle.

The improved search provides more efficient and detailed product navigation and allows users to shop by category: road, mountain, tri, , components, and accessories. The site has also been upgraded to include comprehensive user-generated product reviews from the Leaderboard . In depth gear reviews include video and photos to provide rider-proven insight for a more enjoyable and educated shopping experience. Coming soon, the site will also a media library for added product support.

With faster site functionality comes a speedier and easier checkout with real-time inventory updates. There’s no need to waste valuable could-be riding time getting hung up completing your cart, and the new site cuts this out of the picture.

Offering expert, industry-leading customer service, a No Questions Asked return policy, and built-to-spec, ready-to-ride delivery service, Competitive Cyclist brings the best brands in to you to help make your next ride better than the last.

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