Specialized-lululemon defends Swedish TTT World Cup Title

After a week of team time trial training in Sweden in the lead up to the World Cup event, the women of Specialized-lululemon successfully defended their 2012 title. Posting a time 37 seconds ahead of RaboWomen, and over a minute over third place Orica-Green Edge.


“We’ve been working hard on this for the last week,” said Team Sport Director Ronny Lauke. “With the world championships only a month away, we really wanted to get back into team time trial mode.  We’ve had some bad weather and epic training days but it came together and we made some good progress.

“Today was a little sketchy at the start. We had a little issue with some traffic obstacles but we got reorganized and the rest of the ride with very smooth. Our plan was to go fast from the start but also to stay concentrated on our technique. They looked great out there and rode a very consistent time trial.

“We have some more work to do before Worlds but we’re looking forward to that challenge again.”

Coming up on Sunday is the next round of the World Cup Series, also in Vargarda, Sweden.

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