OPQS to Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec & Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal

Omega Pharma – Quick-Step Cycling Team has announced the selections that will participate in two Canadian races, on Sept. 13th, and on Sept. 15th. arrives with a competitive team led by riders such as , , , and .

is a 16-lap circuit of 12.6km for a total of 201.6km.  It is a course for and skilled descenders, and also includes an uphill finale. The climbs of the race include Cote de la Montagne (375m, 10% average gradient), Cote de la Potasse/Des Glacis (420m at 9% average gradient), Montee de la Fabrique/Des Jardins (190m, 7% average gradient), and Montee du Fort/Saint Louis/Grande Allee (1km, 4% average gradient).

consists of 17-laps, covering 12.1km each for a total of 205.7km. There are three challenging climbs: Cote Camilien-Houde (1.8km, 8% average gradient) Cote de la Polytechnique (780m, 6% average gradient) — which also has a ramp of 200m at 11% — and Avenue du Parc (560m at 4% gradient). The race finishes on the aforementioned third climb.

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