Team Type 1 Foundation Announced as Official Charity of Choice for the Haute Route™

The Haute Route™, one of the most revered amateur cycling event series in the world, has announced a partnership with the Team Type 1 Foundation, naming the Foundation as its official charity of choice for the 2014 calendar year. The partnership will support the Foundation’s global mission of equal access to life saving medication for everyone with and developing heroes through sport.

th-22nd), Haute Route Alps (August 24th-30th), and Haute Route Pyrenees (September 1st-7th), the Haute Route events are known as the ‘Highest and Toughest s in the World’.  Hundreds of cyclists will tackle the steepest and most world-renowned cycling terrain in the world.  Since its inaugural event in 2011, the Haute Route also incorporates a charitable component offering participants the opportunity to fundraise for specific philanthropic initiatives.

Southerland was diagnosed with when he was just seven months old and doctors told his mother he would likely not live past the age of 25. Despite the grim diagnosis, Southerland didn’t just overcome the odds, but fulfilled his dream of becoming a .  He is now the Founder and President of the Team Type 1 Foundation as well as the co-founder and CEO of Team Novo Nordisk the world’s first all team.

Funds raised will go directly to programs shaping care policy around the world, donations of testing supplies for people with in developing countries, and scholarships for collegiate athletes with in the U.S.

“Since 2011, Haute Route riders have raised over $1 Million for various ,” said OC Sport CEO, Rémi Duchemin. “It is an integral part of many riders participation that, as well as meeting their own personal objective on the bike, they also do more by giving back to a charitable cause.  We hope that many of the 2014 riders will be inspired to raise funds for such a good cause as the Team Type 1 Foundation.”

The Team Type 1 Foundation works to address disparities in care around the world through collaborative strategies that engage governments, health organizations, healthcare providers, educators and people with .  The Foundation’s on creating a sustainable model of care in developing countries is based in part on the success of the National Program in Macedonia – one of the most progressive care policies in the world – which fully covers the cost of , glucose testing supplies and pumps for everyone in the country living with . In the U.S., the Foundation offers a scholarship program for collegiate athletes with to help offset the cost of care.

In 2014, the Haute Route is asking all participants to support the Team Type 1 Foundation mission and help achieve a €500,000 goal.

About Team Type 1 Foundation

The Team Type 1 Foundation is a pursuing a mission of education, empowerment and equal access to medicine for everyone affected by . Collaborating with governments, healthcare professionals, experts and individuals living with around the world, the Team Type 1 Foundation is bridging the gap to access and education through sustainable and economically viable solutions. For more information, go to

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