Campana and Lacambra join MTN-Qhubeka management team

p/b Samsung is proud to welcome Thomas Campana and Manel Lacambra to its management team. Campana formally joins the team as the General Manager after acting in a consultancy role the past season. Lacambra joins the team as a sports director.

Campana has a wealth of knowledge in and spent a number of years involved in women’s cycling before setting up the TestTeam.

“I was actually retired and became a fan of cycling again which I enjoyed very much after the TestTeam,” Campana said. “I was following the races in my campervan I didn’t want to get involved with any team again but when I saw the proposal and what stands for I just got emotional. It’s a team working for a social cause with Qhubeka and I thought this is a great chance to do something for someone else. This has been my first trip to and after spending time in a Qhubeka are working into yesterday, it made a deep impact and motivated me to and work even harder. We’re very motivated to be even more successful now because it makes a difference to the sporting side but also to our social cause.”

Lacambra will be relocating to Lucca, Italy, to work with the n and n athletes on a daily basis. He has previously won the women’s Giro d’Italia twice as a director and was also part of the management at TestTeam.

Team Principal, Douglas Ryder, welcomed the news. “Thomas bring a huge amount of experience to our team. He’s dealt with some of the biggest athletes and teams in the sport and has an incredible understanding of technology. To bring our team to the next level and to the s of world cycling, he is the perfect candidate. He has won jerseys and stages with great athletes in the s and he has a passion for and getting the best out of people. That’s exactly what our team is about.”

“Manel is a incredibly funny and a good guy who gels with anybody,” Ryder added. “He’s got a great personality and has lifted the spirit of our team. Cycling is a tough sport and Manel comes with huge experience as he’s worked with the US and been involved in men’s and women’s cycling. We’ve already seen the last few days at our that he is well-liked and has great ability when it comes to interacting with the athletes,” Ryder concluded.

p/b Samsung completed its final of the year in Johannesburg, today. The team’s major goal for 2014 is making its debut in a . To support the cause, please like the Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

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