Velodromo di Montichiari 2014

Rui Costa gets special rainbow colored Sidi Wires

Velodromo di Montichiari 2014 Sport will continue collaborating with Team -Merida in the 2014 season. -Merida champions will be shod with  Wire  in the special graphics that has dedicated to the team. 2013 brought both partners fantastic success and we’re hoping that the new season that’s lining up at the starting gate will be even more brilliant and prolific in victories.

In 2014 will welcome back some already well known champions like Pippo Pozzato, who has always been an excellent flag bearer for Sport, and Diego Ulissi, the rider from who scored multiple victories in 2013. There are also a lot of young talents with high hopes, but the headline news is buzzing about the arrival of  Alberto .

The Portuguese champion managed to blow away the competition on the challenging and spectacular ship route in Florence, with a final that can only be described as awe-inspiring. Now he has become a part of the stables of champions signed with  Sport.

Following tradition, to honour their new champion in the best way possible could do no less than to come up with a pair of customized  Wire  featuring rainbow graphics that will be the perfect complement to the overall for Alberto , who will be making his 2014 debut at the Dubai Tour in the beginning of February dressed from head to toe in the ship colours, from his helmet down to his , with his bicycle and precious in between.

“We are very proud to have the new Alberto with us,” says the owner and founder of Sport, Dino Signori. “We have an excellent collaborative relationship with the team managed by Giuseppe Saronni. Starting in 2014 it will be even further strengthened thanks to the presence of the , an important rider whom we hope can lend extra power and prestige to this partnership, both from a results standpoint as well as for our image. In addition will have the honour and the enormous pleasure of having the  Tony Martin in the pack as well as , not to mention  Nino Schurter; this enviable trio will definitely know how to keep the colours flying high all over the world.” 

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