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Are you a passionate cyclist who loves to write about cycling as much as riding your bike? Do you look at how pro cycling is covered and think that you can do better? Do you have something to say and can express yourself well?

If so, we may have a place for you at Bike World News.

We’re looking for writers and photographers to contribute articles, news items, opinions and reviews on a regular basis for our site. Current areas of need are domestic (North American) road racing, domestic and European cyclocross, health and wellness/training and the six day racing scene.

You do not need professional experience, but a professional approach to style, grammar and content are appreciated.

If you’d like to be considered as a writer for Bike World News, here’s what I need:

  • Send a sample of your work (a story, an editorial comment, some photos you took at a big race last year). Formatting for the story should be basic. Don’t indent paragraphs. Align everything left. If there are photos that go with the story, indicate in the story where they should go with brackets [ ]. The less that I have to edit for spelling and grammar, the more likely I am to use your story.
  • Tell me why you love cycling and an expression of your dedication

What Are The Benefits? This is a labor of love, but you can get:

  • Bragging rights about being published on Bike World News
  • The chance to get sponsored for full press credentials to major races,
  • The occasional bit of schwag
  • Possibilities to meet and interview top pros

Still Interested? Writers & Photographers send an email to – ron@bikeworldnews.com

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