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Endura’s new bibshorts said to be ‘love at first sit’

After working with professional cycling teams like the Movistar Team or Team NetApp-Endura, Endura learned quickly that the fit of cycling shorts is highly individual and varies with different body types. And just like a custom fitted bike and saddle can make all the difference, so can perfectly fitting bike shorts.

E4019BK-FS260-Pro-SL-Bibshort-2014That’s why Endura now introduce the FS260-Pro SL Bibshorts which uses an innovative fitting system, developed with gebioMized®. By offering three pad width options and two leg lengths, the FS260-Pro SL provides an unbeatable body match and the removal of any excess padding that does not serve a purpose optimises breathability, flexibility and ultimately, comfort.

The Italian Power Lycra® combines lightweight and fast drying performance with muscle support and employs coldblack® technology to reduce build-up of heat as well as providing an SPF of 50+, making these the perfect warm weather performance bibshorts. The 3D mesh upper of the bibs guarantees optimal breathability. The FS260-Pro SL Bibshorts come in a pre-curved race fit and are equipped with the 700 series pad, a computer cut “continuously variable profile” (CVP) stretch pad with antibacterial finish.


To allow for a perfect body match, the innovative fitting system has been developed with gebioMized® (www.gebiomized.de), the experts for customized cycling products. Global leaders in bike fit, gebioMized® have a long history of working with best WorldTour teams, Pro riders and triathletes to perfect their man-machine interface and positioning. Using a special software in combination with a measuring mat, the gebioMized®-Endura Pad Fit™ System quickly matches the correct seat pad according to a rider’s physiology as well as riding style.

Endura has provided an approximate guide of pad matching using sit bone widths and/or saddle widths in order to find the best matched pad. However it must be emphasised that this is a very rough guide only and the Endura-gebioMized® Pad Fit™ system is a far more accurate method of selecting the pad that will provide the greatest level of comfort to the rider.

The Endura-gebioMized® Pad Fit™ software and equipment will allow consumers who visit a participating retailer to be accurately checked for the best comfort option for them within 2-3 minutes of cycling on the pressure measurement saddle after changing into an unpadded Lycra® fit short. The pressure measurement saddle mat used can be positioned on a fit bike (fitting jig) or on the customer’s own bike.

The system consists of a thin mat containing a large number of pressure sensors which send information wirelessly to the PC while the rider pedals in a variety of riding positions. The software then analyses the results and matches to the pad width which will offer the best comfort and performance. This system offers an unrivalled combination of high tech dynamic pressure mapping with a simple conclusive result, pointing customers to the most suitable pad width for them.

The key differences to most other saddle fit systems used in store are that the measures are taken:

  • In the riding position
  • On a saddle
  • While pedalling
  • Using a very precise measuring device

Consumers who do not have access to a retailer with the system can use their known sit bone measurements if these have been measured for a bike fit previously, or their saddle width (if it is known to be  correct and comfortable) as a rough guide to the best 700 series pad width.

Details are available at www.endurasport.com/pad_fitting.


Team NetApp-Endura receives invitation for Tour de France

Headline Sponsors Endura would like to congratulate Team NetApp-Endura on their invite to the take part in the world’s largest cycle race, the Tour De France. The Scottish based cycle clothing brand has supported the team since UK based Endura racing merged with German Team, NetApp in 2012. This wildcard entry means there will be two teams wearing Endura kit competing in the 21 stage, 3,656 kilometre race which starts in Leeds, UK.


“Obviously everyone at Endura is delighted to have news of the wildcard; it’s a reflection of the hard work that has gone in by Ralph and his team and a reward for the performances that the riders put in last year, particularly in the Vuelta. I am pretty sure that our inclusion will add some extra spark,” says Jim McFarlane, Managing Director of Endura.

“It is also the pinnacle of a journey that started for Endura back in 2009 when the Endura Racing team was first launched with amateur riders competing domestically. Back then we would never have dared imagine that we would have kit on one team in the Tour, so having two teams wearing Endura this year is special for us. I could be wrong, but I don’t think that a cycle clothing brand has ever before made it to being in the title of a Tour team, so that feels kind of special too.

Things have changed a lot for Endura in the last 5 years and it’s a nice moment to reflect on how impactful the race team involvement has been on our products as well as shifting the outlook of the company to be intensively focussed on product innovation and R&D. The Tour is another great opportunity to have our kit put through the wringer and we’ll be working flat out on team rider kit updates between now and July, particularly in the wind tunnel and climate chamber,” states Jim McFarlane.

Endura is also the official supplier of the high-end, stylish Team NetApp-Endura Replica kit. Get the Pro look – the Team NetApp-Endura Replica kit comprises a complete outfit, from S/S jersey, gilet, and bibshorts, to mitts, arm warmers, race caps, multitubes, socks, and even helmets. Find the complete outfit here.


Endura offers second sneak peek at new Movistar kit

When making kit for the #1 ranked team in the WorldTour, every detail has to be perfect. As Movistar Team’s clothing sponsor from 2014, Endura has spent a lot of time and effort on the finer details of the team clothing, working closely with Movistar Team riders to refine and optimise the designs. The final results were so good that Endura decided that “replica” team clothing made available to cycling fans should not be a de-spec’d version of the team kit but instead share exactly the same fit and specification. That’s why every piece of Movistar Team clothing sold through Endura’s retailers is exactly the same as that worn by the team riders. Have a first glimpse at some of the cutting-edge features before the Movistar Replica Kit will be launched in its full splendour on January 1st 2014. 

The pocket construction of the bibshorts for the race radio is one really clever detail. The objective was to create a pocket which does not interfere with the jersey pockets, which ensures that the radio does not rub against the rider’s spine, and which keeps the radio in place. So the product developers at Endura created a kangaroo-style pocket that is accessible from both sides and divided by a simple seam in the middle so the radio does not move around. The pocket is made from 2 layers of very lightweight mesh, and it is placed higher up the back (in the middle of the back just underneath the shoulder blades) where it does not press into the spine and where it is out of the jersey pockets’ way. As an additional benefit for those of us without a DS shouting “venga” through a radio into our ear, these pockets are also ideal for our smartphones.


The Y form binding of the bibshorts’ mesh bibs provides a low-bulk, flat binding for a perfect fit. The binding has a split in it, which makes it look like a Y when you see the binding on its own. It gets sewn to the garment on either side of the fabric, that’s why it is a lot less bulky and less irritating than a traditional folded binding.

Flatlock stitching of the bibshorts’ key seams guarantees best comfort without chafing. This is again thanks to the lower bulk of the flatlock seams compared to other seam techniques.

Raw edge silicon sleeve and leg grippers ensure a clean finish and a perfect fit, keeping sleeves and legs from riding up and preventing unsightly over compression.

A broken or stuck zipper is always a nuisance, but especially during a race. That’s why Endura use high quality YKK Zips in all Movistar Team clothing.


Whether training in the hot Spanish summer or whether racing all over the world in all sorts of climatic conditions, moisture management is always key. Endura use fast wicking fabrics for the Movistar Team to guarantee the best possible body climate even during hard rides and in hot climates. The Short Sleeve Jersey is made from soft touch rapid wicking Italian fabric. The Bibshorts have a fast wicking upper mesh for optimal breathability. The Race Socks come in soft, breathable Meryl Skinlife® Yarn for maximum comfort and feature Air Mesh diaphanous web on top of the socks to enhance breathability. The Race Mitts are equipped with mesh palm vents. The fleecy inner of the Thermolite® fabric that the Arm and Leg Warmers are made from provides good moisture transfer. The same goes for the Spanish high stretch insulating durable grid fleece of the Long Sleeve Jersey. And last but not least, the fast wicking Multitube draws sweat away from the skin efficiently.

There’s a lot more to the Movistar Replica Kit – More to be revealed soon!


Endura offers a “sneak peek” of the 2014 Movistar kit

Endura is said to be super excited about being the clothing sponsor for Movistar, the #1 ranked team in the UCI WorldTour. Not only will they see Valverde and Quintana ride in Endura but they will also be the official supplier of Movistar Replica Kit to dealers globally. The official team kit will not be launched until January 1st, but they are planning to leak a few tech snippets and first sneaky glances over the next couple of weeks.


What we can tell you for sure at this point of time is that the Movistar Replica Kit will be genuine team replica kit, as worn by the Movistar team riders, not de-featured training kit. It will have the same fabrics, same details, developed and manufactured with the latest garment technologies and the highest quality levels. The Movistar Replica Kit will comprise a head-to-toe cycling outfit, from cycling cap and multitube, arm and leg warmers, race mitts, jerseys and bibshorts to race socks.


The Movistar S/S Jersey and the Movistar Bibshorts will incorporate coldblack® technology for dramatically reduced heat build-up and high sun protection. The coldblack® treatment achieves about 4 centigrade surface temperature reduction in strong sunlight compared to untreated equivalent fabric. In warm conditions, and especially during a race, heat management is one of the demanding physical tasks a cyclist’s body has to perform, and therefore cool racing kit can make all the difference. Just imagine cycling up one of the Vuelta’s mountain stages in the heat of summer to suddenly have the temperature drop by 4 degrees Celsius, the effect is really noticeable in real world conditions rather than just a marginal change observed in a laboratory.

Another technology used for the Movistar Replica Kit is called CVP (Continuously Variable Profile). The Movistar Replica Bibshorts will feature Endura’s 800 Series Italian stretch CVP pad. Endura’s CVP pads are smooth flexing, perfectly transitioning the rider to the saddle. Profiled smoothly, and without the kinks and rucks that lead to pressure points, sores, discomfort and reduced performance, Endura’s CVP pads are one of the few luxuries in cycling, whether you are finishing your first sportive, having picked the longer distance, or at the front of the pro peloton.

More to be revealed soon!

Interbike 2013: Hands on with the new ASSOS S7 bibs

We’ve already published the full announcement for ASSOS next generation of bibshorts, the S7, but Thursday was our first opportunity to see and feel them in person.

After being whisked up to the top floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, I was warmly welcomed into ASSOS’ suite, where the focus this year was solely on these game changing pieces of cycling apparel.

Bobby Howell, the new sales manager for the company walked us through the line.

As was mentioned in the initial announcement, it has been six years since ASSOS introduced their top of the line S5 bibshorts. While the S5 is still the best short out there, ASSOS still saw room for improvement as well as ways that they could provide consumers with a more complete line.

While we are looking forward to trying out the new race-fit Equipe model when it comes out in November, I’m personally convinced that the $199 NeoPro model will be the game changer that can potentially attract new customers to the brand. The NeoPro, a 3 panel short, has all of the best features of the $379 S5. Mr. Howell called it the “Welcome to ASSOS” model.

The emphasis for the entire S7 line is on using better textiles over more panels and seams to provide compression. There are 47% fewer seams across the entire line and the shorts have come in around 20% lighter than the predecessors.

All of the shorts get a new “Royal Purple” insert with a couple of notable new technologies that will complement what is already a great pad.

The first of these technologies used across all four models of the S7 line is ASSOS’ patented “Golden Gate” concept. With Golden Gate, the sides of the pads are only anchored to the short at the front and the rear, leaving the middle open. Not only does this increase breathability, but it also allows the lycra to move around at the interface between the seat and the short while the insert stays snug to the body without any friction whatsoever.

The Equipe moves up to a five panel construction. Guys are sure to like the triple stitch dart in the front that creates a cradle for the male anatomy. While the Equipe shares a number of its fabrics with the NeoPro and Cento, they receive Scholler’s iceColor treatment to help with temperature regulation. The Equipe also gets an insert that is slightly longer in front to provide more support when riders are pedaling with their hands down in the drops.

The Cento is the first model to receive the “Rear Terminal” technology. Rear terminal serves to wick away sweat that pools at the rear of the short via venting and a special microfiber sheet. Not only does the microfiber pull sweat away from the body and the short (a common source of wear in shorts), but it also covers the rear seam of the short as well, further reducing friction to the rider.

The Cento also gets the Kukupenthouse technology. Kukupenthouse technology actually removes the top sheet of the insert and replaces it with a microfiber sheet. Not only does this sheet pull moisture away from your male parts, it also creates an extremely comfortable ‘penthouse’ for them.

The $519 USD Campionissimo receives many of the technologies from the lesser shorts, but also gets “Super Air” – small circular cutouts in the insert that further increase air circulation. Most notably for the Campionissimo is its woven (as opposed to knit) nylon fabric. Not only does the woven fabric provide more compression, it is also more aerodynamic and provides more wicking. Indeed, this is the fabric that was used by Fabian Cancellara for his 2012 attempt to repeat his 2008 gold medal winning individual time trial effort.

Yes, $519 is a lot to pay for a pair of bibshorts, but when you consider that you are getting technology that was previously available only to the sport’s most elite athletes, it makes a little more sense. All I know is that the other makers of bibs know have even more catching up to do.