The Helmet of Greipel

You saw Lotto-Belisol super sprinter Andre Greipel take this win at the People’s Choice Classic. But you probably were not aware of the latest Lazer technology that Greipel was able to take advantage of to help him achieve victory.

For 2013 the Lotto-Belisol team is equipped with the Lazer Helium helmet. Patented Lazer Rollsys retention system for easy and quick adjustment for a comfortable fit every time, 7 piece in-mold construction, dual-density EPS foam for maximum weight savings (Helium FAST version is 204g), 19 vents with internal air channels for unparalleled airflow. New this year is the addition of the Aquapad, a water based padding that creates a very cool feeling when it makes contact with the skin. Additionally the Aquapad directs sweat to the outside edges of the pad and away from the face to keep your eyes and glasses clear of perspiration.

Also deployed for the first time ever is the brand new Chrome Aeroshell. Just as aerodynamic as the smooth Aeroshell debuted at the 2012 Tour de France, the Chrome Aeroshell is designed to reflect solar radiation. Experiments at EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, project number 209541) have shown that the material reflects about 55% of the incoming solar radiation (visible light + infrared) compared to a reflection of 20% of standard helmet material. The use of the Chrome Aeroshell results in reduced heat accumulation between head and helmet which helps keep the head cool and comfortable. It allows for zero UV penetration into the helmet for protection again the damaging rays of the sun. The thermal effects on the head when wearing a helmet with a Chrome Aeroshell will be extensively tested in the coming months.

Finally, since the Lotto-Belisol team is now supported with Lazer Vision Optics in 2013, Andre used the revolutionary Magneto eyewear system. With the glasses mounting to the helmet straps via the use of magnets the Magneto system eliminates traditional eyeglasses temples that can cause pressure against the head, inhibit airflow into the helmet and around the head as well as interfere with the rear retention system of the helmet.

The Lazer Helium helmet with Rollsys, Chrome Aeroshell and Magneto integrated helmet/eyewear system creates a superior and comfortable fit with no pressure points on the head, the maximum in aerodynamics and the ultimate solution in keeping Greipel’s head cool even in oppressive 34 Celsius racing conditions. The combination defines “No worries mate!”

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