Lotto Belisol: Personalized Earphones by Audio Leclercq

Since last season Lotto Belisol is cooperating with the company of Thierry Deridder, Audio Leclercq. Audio Leclercq is a Belgian company that is specialized in designing all kinds of personalized earphones . For Lotto Belisol the first tailor-made cycle earphones were designed for the riders that participated in the Giro, Tour and Vuelta. The earphones may be used in the WorldTour and are the ideal medium for sports directors to give instructions to the riders.

The earphones that Audio Leclercq designs are very useful and our riders can exclusively use this product. In the past the earphones often caused nuisance to the riders: for some riders they were too big and for others too small. That problem is now in the past. The designing of these earphones is comparable to making a brace: a sort of mousse is placed in the ear to measure the size of the auricle.

In 2013 the partnership with Audio Leclercq was successfully extended. In Paris-Nice and Tirreno-Adriatico some of our riders were also using the personalized earphones.  Apart from personalized earphones for during the races, Audio Leclercq has also designed earplugs for during the night. These earplugs, called Tunz Morphée, make sure that riders can sleep in peace. You’re invited to take a look on the website of Audio Leclercq to see more images of our riders with the earphones.

Thierry Deridder, Audio Leclercq: “Our cooperation with Lotto Belisol didn’t come as a coincidence. I am a passionate cyclist myself and try to ride every week. Each time I go riding I listen to music and that’s why I developed tailor-made earphones. When I saw how the cycle earphones sometimes caused nuisance to the riders I got the idea of tailor-made earphones! Audio Leclercq contacted Lotto Belisol and last season we started a successful collaboration.”

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