Gran Fondos

Gran Fondo of the Alleghenies planned for October 2011

November 9, 2010 Ron 2

October 2011 will see the debut of the Gran Fondo of the Alleghenies, a new event intended to promote the sport of cycling in NW Pennsylvannia while providing participants an opportunity to enjoy the unmatched beauty of the Allegheny National Fores […]



November 2, 2010 Ron 0

“How’s it goin’?” “All right.” Well, not really. If you want the God’s honest truth, I’m in a crappy mood and I don’t completely know what I can do about it. Much of what is […]


It’s Covered

October 27, 2010 Ron 0

Some people just don’t get cover songs. My wife is one of them. If she hears a cover song, her first reaction is that the song “doesn’t sound like that”. What I don’t think that […]



October 18, 2010 Ron 0

I’m willing to bet that the major source of the pain is my spine re-compressing after seven weeks of NOT sitting down for 10+ hours a day. […]

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