Maybe you started out on your own, or you had Mom or Dad running behind you, holding onto the seat as you made that first tentative spin down the driveway. It was scary at first, but after a couple of days, you built a little confidence and could ride on your own. There were the inevitable bumps and falls, but you got back up and kept at it.

In no time at all, you were riding down the driveway and turning down the street to your best friend’s house.

You got a little older. You moved up to a big kids bike. Mom and Dad gave you a little more freedom, and the ride down the street turned into a ride around the block. Soon it was to the edge of the neighborhood, then beyond, and that’s when you really started to understand what a bicycle was all about.

It represented freedom.

That’s what we’re about – celebrating the freedom and the fun of bicycles. It doesn’t matter if you ride to work, or race bikes or cruise around the neighborhood to stay in shape. We are here to help you enjoy your bike, keep you informed or maybe even find a new one.

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We’ll be opening a store pretty soon, and we’d love to help you accessorize your body with fun cycling-related clothes, or upgrade your bike.

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Ron (your friendly editor)

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