How To Maintain Your Electric Bike

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Although the technology has been around since the 1990s, it’s only in the past few years that electric bikes have exploded in popularity, especially in Europe and China.

A normal bicycle that incorporates an electric motor to give the rider an extra boost of power and speed, they’re fast becoming the travel option of choice for city-dwellers – and it’s easy to see why.

You can shorten your morning cycle into work without breaking a sweat, you can travel longer distances or conquer bigger hills, and they’re much greener than running around town in a petrol-chugging car.

How do I pick the best option for me?

After reading all the blogs and articles out there singing the praises of e-bikes, it’s no wonder you’re feeling tempted to give one a go.

But with the market growing all the time, it’s also easy to feel overwhelmed by the many different choices available.

Do your research online (taking note of any government restrictions regarding power) and ask for a test ride before handing over any cash, and it’ll be much easier to pick out the best option for your own needs.

How do I look after one?

Once you’ve found the perfect e-bike, the next step is making sure you know to maintain it.

The following three top maintenance tips will help it run smoothly for as long as possible.

#1: build up a proper toolkit

Should anything ever go wrong with your e-bike, it’s cheaper and easier to fix it yourself than send it off to a repair centre.

Study all instruction manuals given to you and ensure you’ve got all the necessary tools and materials to fix any problems that do occur.

When it comes to building up your toolkit, from finding the best spray adhesive for little emergencies to choosing a degreaser, don’t sacrifice quality for cost. Spending a little more on efficient products that deliver excellence will help prolong the life of your bike.

#2: pay special attention to the battery

Your e-bike’s performance mostly depends on the health of its battery – keep it happy and you’ll be able to enjoy longer journeys.

As well as keeping it clean and dry, avoid letting the battery totally run down at any point as it can damage its ability to hold a charge.

Before you buy any bike, ask about the lifespan of its standard charge (and how long it takes to charge up) to guarantee it’s got the power to handle your daily commute or intended routes.

#3: sort out suitable storage

Whether it’s an outside garage or your front porch, store your e-bike somewhere sheltered from the elements. Rain, ice, and snow will damage gears, wheels and the battery.

If you do get caught out in a shower, then spend time cleaning it and wiping away all traces of moisture once you get home.

Over winter, if you’re not going to be taking your electric bicycle out for a spin for a few months, remove the battery and store it inside to keep it safe.

As soon as you’ve gotten to grips with the maintenance basics you’ll be ready to get out there and start enjoying your e-bike! You’ll soon see what all the fuss has been about.

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