Can Vital 4U Vitamins replace all of your supplements?

For the past month or so, I’ve been trying out Vital 4U’s Vitamin packs. Let me start by saying that I’m not a dedicated multi-vitamin user. We try to eat pretty well and I feel that I get the nutrients I need from my food. That said, I do keep a generic multi-vitamin on hand as well as Co-Q-10 and fish oil for heart support.

The Vital 4U packs contain 14 (14!) pills – 11 tablets and 3 softgels. Overall, the offerings include things like Vitamin B Complex, Herbal Complex, Amino Acids and Enzymes, Phyto Greens Complex, Minerals, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Manganese and more.

While most of the pills contain 100% of the US RDA, there are some that contain more than 100%. Vital 4U claims a scientific reason for this – not all ingredients absorb equally. To maximize effectiveness and to ensure you are getting all of the benefits of each ingredient, they have elevated the amount of some of the harder to absorb ingredients to ensure optimal absorption.

Outside of the government regulated , the packs also pack in (haha) other supplements like rose hips, choline, quercetin, a wealth of greens (alfalfa, barley, spirulina, wheat grass, cabbage and kale among them), along with a full suite of amino acids and other herbal supplements (guarana, grape skin extract, goldenseal, gensing, St. John’s Wort and more). Pretty much Dr. Oz’s greatest hits and favorites.

Without a before and after fasting blood test to see how my general levels were affected, I have to be really honest and say that I did not see any real or energy effects. If I were really pushing my body and hard for an event, or working really hard and not getting the right , I might feel differently.

Also, I still felt the need to take my Co-Q-10 and fish oil – two things that I definitely have felt results from.

If you’re traveling, training heavy or not getting the nutrition that your body needs, the Vital 4U vitamins may be a wise choice. It’s certainly a great value. With a 30 day supply selling for just $45 (subscriptions for $42.75 per month), you could pay far more to collect all of these vitamins and supplements on their own.

Ron Callahan is the chief cook and bottlewasher at World News, doing everything from website design to reviews.

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Ron Callahan is the chief cook and bottlewasher at Bike World News, doing everything from website design to bike reviews.
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